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Web-Based Graphics

At Advanced Control Corp., we provide innovative and effective building solutions and security systems that, in addition to offering system dedicated workstations and LAN solutions are web-based for greater functionality and added flexibility for interfacing with your building automation system. When a building is automated seamlessly, its daily routines are uninterrupted and as a result, its occupants need not be aware of what goes on behind the scenes. This is the ideal situation for every building.

Web-based solutions provide open integration to your BMS components that allow seamless interfaces to your system over a wide array of web-based platforms. This flexibility forms a comprehensive and intelligent building automation system that allows the user access through different options. Web-based building automation solutions support the use of control and interaction with your integrated BMS that includes controls, DVRs, live video feed and other IP-enabled devices. Through browser-based software, users can access building controls remotely in real time to control and view building automation systems through a standard web browser.

The graphics of a web-based automation solution are advanced and custom-designed for your facility. They can include full motion animation that creates a user-friendly experience, enabling you to maintain the automated environment with ease from anywhere in the world with access to the internet. A quick glance will display the graphics, trends chart and alarm system status all from your mobile device at your remote location.

The right building automation is individually tailored to your facility's infrastructure, giving you full control of your environment. The addition of being able to access this information via the web is an added convenience. Building automation provides powerful and advanced security measures to ease your mind and allows you to manage your facility more effectively and with increased profits. Access through the web translates to powerful integration capabilities, reducing staffing and the need for additional workstations and network infrastructure for an added return on your investment.

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