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Video Surveillance as a Service

Advanced Control Corp. can provide your business with Video Surveillance as a Service. This technology, also referred to as VSaaS, is a newly developed form of managed video that is quickly being incorporated by businesses, both large and small, as a part of their security plans. Video surveillance is managed off-site through the internet with the data stored in the Cloud and not on on-site computer networks where they may be subjected to damage, theft or tampering.

You can record scheduled recordings, timed (periodic) or alarm. Each type is easily identified and stored in the Archive. The Archive allows you to pick individual cameras or multiples that you want to search, and define an exact date and time when doing so. It also allows you to determine what types of images you search for, meaning you can search for timed images, scheduled or alarm. All recorded video is secured and watermarked with the camera name and a time stamp, making the review process easy and efficient.

The value of video surveillance cannot be stressed enough for the health of any business. Video monitoring is a useful tool in loss prevention, but it can also be used to observe the productivity of your complete operation. ACC can help you protect your business interests through video surveillance as a service. Real time, streaming video can be monitored remotely at any time from any location that has access to the internet.

There are several key benefits to utilizing video surveillance as a service. Since the data is stored off-site and is accessed remotely, this cuts down of the amount of information stored on company computers and workstations. There are money savings aspects in implementing this type of service as well, which do not involve cutting corners. It is simply a fortunate result of using the internet for surveillance purposes. Having secure web access to video monitoring limits the need for additional dedicated viewing software. There are lower maintenance costs associated with VSaaS, too. Maintenance fees are reduced because recording equipment, such as monitors and recorders, don't need to be repaired or replaced, and software updates are no longer required.

In the event of a security breach, thieves are usually smart enough to steal digital video recorders (DVRs) and network digital recorders (NVRs) in order to eliminate that important piece of evidence of their crimes. These systems are also very susceptible to fire or water damages, as well as to tampering. The managed video service that ACC provides will eliminate these possibilities.

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