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Variable Air Volume Boxes

Achieving proper balance in air distribution can be accomplished through precise layout and diffuser selection, and by establishing the correct control sequences. In order to ensure proper air distribution, secondary airflow and eliminate drafts, it is vital to invest in the best variable air volume box control available.

Advanced Control Corp. provides industry-leading technology that is economical from installation to operation. We provide only the best variable air volume box controls available in the building automation industry. Our systems are suitable for most types of VAV [variable air volume] box systems and can be installed at the factory or directly in the field; the system can also be integrated with your direct digital control-based [DDC] building automation system.

Our focus is to strategically satisfy all architectural criteria while maintaining strict engineering requirements to bring out the best in every building's automation capabilities. The controller and actuator come integrated and allow for ease of installation and retrofit opportunities. This design simplifies the installation of the VAV box, saving time and money on the building automation project. In addition, VAV boxes can aid in controlling indoor air quality and humidity with the addition of dedicated sensors

Advanced Control Corp. considers every angle when developing the perfect system for your building automation needs.

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