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It's vital to control expenses in order to establish long-term profitability in your business. Whether you manage single multi-use sites or a nationwide chain, you can reduce expenses, enhance profits and provide customer service standards that attract long-term, high-quality tenants by ensuring that your facility provides accurate measurement of the energy that is consumed in each tenant space.

Tenant sub-metering for energy consumption involves BTU meters, energy data and software that deliver the essential information needed to assist you to lower your expenses and increase profits. Unlike traditional sub-metering products which must be manually read or lack efficient sub-billing software, we offer provide a total sub-metering solution managed from your building automation system.

With our enhanced building solutions it is easy to quickly and cost-effectively allocate individual occupant electrical usage and bill your tenants for their energy usage.

Attract high-quality, long-term tenants

  • Offer lower leasing costs through improved conservation measures
  • Empower tenants by sharing energy information over the internet
  • Improve power system uptime with power quality and equipment monitoring
  • Provide environmental leadership with documented energy consumption reductions

Reduce expenses

  • Implement demand control and gain insights into how to reduce energy use in common areas
  • Verify utility bills and eliminate errors
  • Allocate costs according to actual energy used instead of just by square footage

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