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Smoke Evacuation

When interfaced with your building automation system, effective smoke control is vital to the safety of your building's inhabitants. Advanced Control Corp. delivers industry standard building automation/smoke evacuation systems that are designed based on safety, speed, functionality and economics. Smoke evacuation and effective smoke control systems are required for high-rise buildings, atrium-covered shopping malls and other unique facilities in order to adhere to the local building fire codes and state laws.

When integrated seamlessly with your building's automation system, a properly designed smoke control system should inhibit or prevent the movement of smoke into areas leading to exits or other designated safe zones in a building. Manipulating smoke is accomplished by using fans and dampers to control air pressure. Based on smoke detection, a zone containing burning material can be automatically exhausted, using fans, to maintain a negative pressure. The intent is to keep the smoke from migrating to a lower pressure area within the building. This is not always an easy task since the fire is producing heat that can cause pressures many times higher than normal building pressures; but a building fire suppression system can reduce the heat produced by the fire and make smoke management systems far more effective (in addition to reducing the destruction caused by the fire itself).

The single most important aspect of your building automation solution is its ability to protect the occupants of the structure. A top-of-the-line smoke control system can help save lives in the event of a fire by providing and maintaining a viable path for exiting the area, as well as helping reduce property damage caused by smoke. Invest in the safety of your occupants and the future of your business with a smoke evacuation system that is integrated with your building automation system.

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