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Phone-Based Override

We provide comprehensive telephone-based tenant override technology that is tailored to fit your building automation requirements. Our telephone-based override system is compatible with any touch-tone telephone and has a user-interface that is easy to operate.

The telephone-based override module allows tenants to override HVAC, lighting and temperature controls from any touch-tone telephone. Tenants will at times have a need to deter from the pre-set controls of the building automation system, most likely if those occupants are running a business or working after hours. Therefore, it's important that the building automation system be equipped to respond to those needs with the least amount of user/operator effort.

It is crucial to maintain a building automation system that is simple and cost-effective. The design of the telephone override system incorporates user verification standards that allow users to call a number, enter a pin number and other verification codes to override the building automation system.

When you are considering the design of your building automation system, a telephone override system is the most flexible and user-friendly interface available.

For more information on phone-based override systems, call 954.491.6660.