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Parking Garage CO2 & NO2

Monitoring levels of CO2 and NO2 within parking structures, bus garages, service garages, arenas, fire stations, loading docks and more is essential to the safety and health of those who enter or work in them. We create solutions for your parking garage to monitor and eliminate unsafe levels of both CO2 and NO2.

Key Features

  • Effectively monitor for poisonous emissions within the parking structure[s]
  • Indicate alarms to the BMS and alerts facilities personnel
  • Eliminate harmful gases from enclosed parking structures
  • Monitor and control for different gases from one system platform
  • Efficient use and control of garage exhaust fans by activating only when gases are present
  • Allows for control of exhaust fan variable speed drives
  • Conforms with local codes and ordinances
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or integrated system
  • Can be hard-wired or wireless for ease of installation

Can be installed in new construction or in retrofit applications.

For more information on how you can eliminate unsafe levels of CO2 and NO2, call 954.491.6660.