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Open Integration

At Advanced Control Corp. we achieve seamless integration in a cost-effective manner. Our systems can communicate with other HVAC equipment and other building automation components via various open protocols. Building managers are challenged to integrate multiple systems from different companies, and often face problems with interoperability. A comprehensive integrated solution must work in tandem with the latest open protocol standards, yet work with any installed base of legacy systems, which use a wide variety of proprietary protocols. By interfacing with the systems of other manufacturer's, our featured systems can communicate to the entire building and share information between systems, including fire alarms, CCTV systems, lighting controls and more.

In addition, if a facility uses a product without an open standard to communicate, we have more than 200 third-party communication drivers, including many propriety protocols. Our system is IT-friendly, supporting major communication, desktop IT and building automation standards like email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus and Ethernet.

By providing both an HVAC and a security management system simultaneously — with several products offering both access control and HVAC control — Advanced Control Corp. keeps your building running efficiently. There is no duplication of hardware and writing with the design. The same programming language is used for both HVAC and security applications, coordinating system strategies that are easy to implement. With open protocol support, our systems work with the products and information systems of many other vendors, allowing use of the same hardware and software for both small and large systems.

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