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Monitoring & Operations

Is your building performing at its peak potential? Does it provide you with daily readings of consumption of water, gas, electricity? To identify the total energy saving potential inherent in your building and to realistically assess the success of optimization measures, you need to continuously check your building's energy consumption.

At Advanced Control Corp. we offer solutions for high-performing, efficient buildings that sustain results over time. We are committed to supporting our customers' facilities throughout their buildings' life cycle. We offer a comprehensive range of monitoring, technical maintenance and operational support, modifying operations to maximize efficiency (i.e., scheduling, temperature set points, etc.)

High performance is easier than you think.

We have the experience implementing energy-efficient solutions for any facility. We'll work with consulting engineers in designing your Building Management System to offer the monitoring and control you require, including:

  • HVAC Equipment
  • Individual HVAC Unit Control
  • Chiller Plant
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Lighting Control
  • Water Conservation
  • Electrical Usage
  • Tennant Override
  • HVAC Optimization
  • CO Monitoring for Parking Garages
  • Elevator Monitoring
  • Production Areas
  • Integration of the Access Control System
  • Identify and Card Management Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems

With Advanced Control Corp. monitoring your operation, you have the ability to optimize your operation by making fact-based improvements that have been proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life and improve tenant comfort, making a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line.

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