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Advanced Control Corp. works hard to provide clients with the latest in technology to ensure that they stay on the leading edge of intelligent building management systems and excel in their particular industries. From retail outlets to medical buildings, from data centers to large commercial office buildings, ACC can assist you in all your energy and utility metering needs. Only by measuring and interpreting the data in real time can your management personnel implement cost-cutting plans and improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Metering allows your business the option of running more cost-effectively. By monitoring your company's power and utility usage, maintenance and building engineers, managers and other key personnel can pinpoint problem areas and devise strategies to limit energy waste.

ACC provides software and solutions that are easy to integrate into your current building management system so that you can utilize the data immediately and start making changes. It doesn't matter if you manage one or several buildings located on multiple sites throughout the city, state or country. One integrated platform can provide you with all your utility metering data.

Mismanaged energy consumption can be costly for any business, regardless of industry or size of the company. ACC can help set up critical metering software that includes easy-to-read dashboards and user-friendly graphical interfaces so that your employees can monitor energy consumption in real time. We can provide metering that is scalable and can be adapted over time to reflect the changes in your business.

We can also help you run your business more effectively and efficiently with sub-metering capabilities that allow you to measure the energy expenditures of your tenants. Determining the exact cost of the energy usage of your tenants allows you to better assess the amount of rent to charge. Building engineers, facilities managers and electrical engineers can use the information provided by interactive metering programs in order to perform their jobs better. Improved building efficiency has its rewards in higher productively and improved service reliability.

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