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Lighting Control

Advanced Control Corp. provides the ability to expand your building automation system to include lighting control for your building. The range of control can be a basic control system for lighting and equipment switching applications – which are ideal for use in facilities where time-of-day control is being managed from a time clock or centralized building management system - to a fully automatic lighting control system for all of your facility's lighting circuits.

These lighting control systems can be incorporated as part of a new construction project or retrofitted to your building's existing lighting circuits.

The physical security of your building is always at the top of the priority list. Security measures can be expensive, yet a burglary could cost you much more. To address this double-headed spear, Advanced Control Corp. provides services for stand-alone solutions, such as motion sensors and light level sensors. These stand-alone building automation solutions are an affordable physical security defense that is capable of protecting your assets.

Installing a lighting control system is a physical security measure that is both affordable and effective. With low installation and operational costs, it is a loss prevention measure used by many. An effective motion sensor is smart technology that recognizes when an object or individual has entered an area. The sensor illuminates the area to ward off unwelcomed visitors. Light level sensors work to read when daylight begins to fade, and turn themselves on to cast light on an area, as most unsavory intruders are deflected by a well-lit entryway.

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