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License Plate Capture Cameras

As important as each individual component in your overall building automation and management system is, if it can be compromised due to a lapse in security, it has little value. At Advanced Control Corp. we understand this, which is why we have been helping our clients, both big and small, facilitate key security features and surveillance technology.

One important aspect in the security of your operation, whether it's a single or multiple site, is License Plate Capture Imaging software, also referred to as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, or ANPR. This type of surveillance software can provide a valuable resource in enforcing security protocols and tracking down individuals who have violated rules of authorized access.

This image capture method employs optical character recognition to read the license plate numbers of vehicles as recorded by your security camera system. These captured images can be integrated into existing closed circuit television systems and utilized by your building management and/or security team. Information can be accessed and monitored in real time and can be used in both the prevention of crime, as well as in assisting law enforcement should a security breach or break-in occur.

Using cameras positioned strategically throughout the premises, the license plate numbers of all vehicles that enter are recorded; the data is stored, should it be needed for a later point. The software can be run and integrated into your current building management system and accessed remotely. License Plate Capture Imaging, when used in conjunction with other security features such as closed circuit television and video monitoring, provides an increased level of security and peace of mind. The system can be used for a single site business or it can be employed across several remote sites spread across a wide area.

Any quality building management system will employ a number of tools to help protect against employee theft, break-ins or security breaches by unauthorized personnel. Good, effective security systems are not only essential for protecting your business; it's also a great selling point if you manage tenant-occupied property. Used with other tools like elevator and building access control and Video Surveillance as a Service, License Plate Capture Imagining will increase the levels of protection of your business.

To see how you can implement License Plate Capture Cameras in your facility, call 954.491.6660.