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Graphical User Interface

Superior technology must include customer input to be effective. It is for this reason that Advanced Control Corp. has developed its building automation solutions with clients in mind. Building automation solutions are tailored and personalized to meet every customer's specific needs and each location. It does not get any more personalized than that!

Not only is the system solution developed individually and modeled to suit specific building and business needs, the intuitive navigation of the graphical user interface includes a flow that incorporates the user's feedback. It is tailored to individual user's needs, and may be accessed by a personal password. The system graphics can be integrated to incorporate other system platforms and other programs.

The ingenuity of the graphical user interfaces designed and implemented by Advanced Control Corp. is that it allows users to interact with their environment through various electronic devices intuitively. Graphical user interfacing provides a scalable solution to fit your team's needs. The interface may be via a computer workstation, laptop, PDA's, phones and even the internet. Each individual user will only access their individual screen, which can be custom-designed by the user and accessible via password protection.

Other features of our graphical user interface include:

  • Integrated to security and CCTV functions
  • Adaptable to various environments, such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, office complex, colleges and universities
  • Multiple users allowed at one time with various levels of access via individual password
  • Incorporate data from various resources, including the web
  • Adaptable to various conditions – occupied, unoccupied, alarm, etc.
  • Proven software platform with robust capabilities
  • Backwards compatible with older systems

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