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Elevator Access Control

For many mixed-use and multi-tenant facilities, it is not appropriate for everyone to access each floor. With elevator access control you can limit card holders to access only the floors that they need to be on, creating greater control over your facility.

There are many critical points of vulnerability for high-rise and multi-tenant facilities with regards to elevator security and access. Elevator lobbies and elevators must be controlled to protect the inhabitants of the building. There are added benefits to securing access to elevators, such as effectively reducing the building's risk of costly theft and damage to the structure. Implementing elevator access control measures is also a method to limit undesirable transient traffic. Available features for elevator access control include:

  • Control all of your elevators for every floor in your building, expandable and adaptable for your entire facility
  • Stand-alone access control operation or integration with our building automation system and video surveillance systems
  • Accessible floors can be set for each card holder by the system administrator

When you work with Advanced Control Corp. to develop your access control solutions, you are choosing experience and expertise. Upon a thorough analysis of your facility's access control requirements, our specialized team will develop a plan that not only allows for the different access levels but improves security.

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