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Demand Control Ventilation

The air quality inside of your building is important, not only to the health of your employees, but to the health of your business. Incorporating demand control ventilation into your existing building automation system is another way to save money and have your building run more efficiently. Advanced Control Corp. has the experience and expertise to assist building owners and engineers with all of their controlled ventilation needs.

By controlling the intake of outside air and reducing the levels of CO2 that accumulate within the building — regardless of the size of the structures and the facilities you operate — ACC can help ensure that the air quality inside your buildings is comfortable and safe. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems need to be monitored so that proper ventilation and safe levels of CO2 can be maintained to create a safe work environment.

Using specialty sensors and by modulating the intake of outside air, ACC can enhance your ventilation system to determine the optimal amount of outside air that each public space requires so that controlled ventilation and inhabitant comfort levels can be adjusted accordingly. Ventilation systems can also be adjusted for weekends, holidays and Daylight Savings Time.

Proper ventilation can also help reduce or eliminate odors and will help control humidity to provide for a safe, comfortable indoor work environment that operates up to code.

Demand control ventilation systems can be integrated into your current building automation system so the comfort of the building's inhabitants is also efficient.

To learn more about how demand control ventilation can help your business, call 954.491.6660.