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Advanced Control Corp. provides a number of tools to assist clients in interacting with and viewing their energy management and utility monitoring systems. Regardless of what industry you are involved in, the size of your operation, or the number of buildings you manage, ACC can help you keep utility costs under control by providing utility monitoring dashboards and graphical user interface software that is comprehensive and delivers data that can be viewed in real time.

Utilizing dashboards and graphical interfaces will help you accurately measure and monitor the key data from your various systems. By giving access to the right people, executives and management personnel will be able to observe energy consumption and make decisions to cut and control costs in specific areas of your building's operation.

Having access to the monitored data available in dashboards allows your personnel to be proactive in devising new strategies for effective energy usage. Easy-to-read graphical interfaces can be accessed remotely and used to gauge performance of all building systems.

Dashboards and other monitoring software can be integrated into your current building management system so that it can be put to use right away. ACC has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in using this data to implement energy optimization and conversation plans. Dashboards can also be utilized for sub-metering purposes, an essential component if you are leasing out space to individual tenants, or if you need to gauge the utility usage of specific departments. This software is flexible and scalable, so it can be put to best use according to your needs. You will also be able to gauge the success and impact of your newly implemented measures and track the changes to see what improvements can be made.

ACC understands the importance of having access to this information. With all of your building systems integrated into one central platform, dashboards can be used to monitor the power consumption of your entire enterprise — even if you have multiple buildings or remote sites in different parts of the state or across the country.

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