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Welcome to Advanced Control Corp., an industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integrations, access control and CCTV solutions. Since 1987, our efforts to be the finest controls company in South Florida and your solution for building controls have paved the way to our successful involvement on some of the most respected projects in our market. We are dedicated to solving comfort, efficiency, security and equipment issues. We offer:

  • Innovative Building Systems
  • Cost-Effective Energy Management
  • Expert System Integration
  • Quality Implementation of Building Management Systems
  • Comprehensive Services

"We were green before green was cool."

The preservation of our environment is at the forefront of many an industry slogan as consumers begin to seek eco-friendly products and services. We have always been green – it is in our roots.

Before it was "cool" to be "green," Advanced Control Corp. was developing environmentally sound methods of building management and systems maintenance; in doing so, we have become an industry leader.

From our initial energy design concept throughout the installation process and ongoing system maintenance, every effort is taken to ensure the least amount of negative impact to our environment and our customers' daily business operations.

The Schneider Electric products we install were developed in the mid-1970s to monitor and control large commercial/institutional solar energy systems. It was obvious then that the product focus had to incorporate the efficient use of the energy collected. Many of the unique methods and strategies developed have been incorporated in Schneider Electric's range of products. These methods and strategies have proven over time to save energy in all types of buildings and climates.

Advanced Control Corp.'s 27 years of designing, installing and servicing these systems has reduced the carbon footprint of hundreds of buildings in South Florida.