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Closed Circuit Television Recording Solutions

Advanced Control Corp. offers you complete flexibility in selecting how to record, display, monitor and organize your video images to allow for a truly customized solution in video surveillance. We offer systems that are simple in nature and operated remotely to an extensive 24-hour fully manned Video Management System for multiple sites that encompass recording of and attending to hundreds of cameras from a single location. We will guide you to making the right decisions and help you develop the system perimeters, select the equipment, install and service a system all based around your needs.

ACC works with your design engineers or security consultants, or we can provide those planning services for you directly to develop a recording and video management solution that is tailored to you and your facility. With a number of different options that range from dedicated digital video recorders to networked video management servers that control individual camera functions, our team is ready to provide you with a solution that's right for you.

The highest levels of efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and our proven reputation make Advanced Control Corp. the solution to your CCTV system needs. We recognize that in difficult economic times, a full-service CCTV solution for your building automation needs is necessary to enable your security system budget go further. A CCTV system is a wise investment to create accountability and reduce financial losses for your business.

To learn more about closed circuit television recording solutions and what Advanced Control Corp. can provide to your business, call 954.491.6660 today!