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Chilled Water System Control

Advanced Control Corp. provides control over the chilled water system of your facility. The technology is designed to be equipped with most efficient methods and control sequences to deliver chilled water to the building using the latest, most sophisticated microprocessor-based control panels to perfect your building's automation and optimize the chiller plant operation.

The foundation to chilled water control is the control over the supply side of the HVAC system of your facility by having your building automation system control the precise sequencing of the pumps, cooling tower and chillers. Our experience in the industry enables us to achieve record energy efficiency and increased abilities to monitor, maintain and service chilled water systems.

Our systems communicate with most major chiller manufacturer's equipment via various communication protocols, which provides the user with up-to-the-second information on how the chillers are operating.

We are able to provide you with savings projections you could enjoy by fully automating your structure. Implementing a chilled water system control in your building will reduce operational costs, enhance your energy management capabilities and save you money. The system provides monitoring information, including temperature, pressure, alarms and status so that you are continuously informed of all building conditions.

To learn more about chilled water system control, call 954.491.6660.