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Building Analytics – Visualize, Analyze, Optimize (VAO)

As a property management company or building owner, you've made investments in building automation, metering and systems to control your building. You're managing your building operations with Building Management System (BMS) alarms, comfort calls and metering dashboards that can inform you that a problem may exist. But did you know that significant energy, efficiency and operational savings may be missed without knowing the entire story?

Making the most of your energy by improving the efficiency, comfort and financial well-being is what we are about at Advanced Control Corp. With our proprietary software system — VAO — we can convert your data into actionable intelligence, allowing you to identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities and mechanical system inefficiencies while reducing facility operating costs over time by targeting maintenance efforts.

Integrated at the cloud and web levels, our software is an automated system-based diagnostics that identifies faults, inefficiencies and system degradation with recommendations for improvement. Its cross-platform data integration continuously drives action and tracks performance over time, consolidating information from multiple BAS, buildings and clients. Information is captured from building systems and is sent to our cloud-based data storage. Our advanced analytics engine uses artificial intelligence to process building data to continuously monitor and diagnose facility performance by identifying equipment and system faults, sequence of operation improvements, system trends and energy usage. If there is an immediate concern an alarm is sent, allowing you to better organize internal and contract resources for quicker, more efficient repairs and commissioning services.

Our experience and knowledge in design, installation, integration and ongoing optimization of multiple facility and management systems will help you maximize energy savings and improve productivity, all while creating a comfortable environment in your building. Whether you have a single building or are a multi-site organization, we can keep you performing at your best.

Our VAO software system uses automated fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) and other diagnostic measures to produce ranked recommendations. Daily diagnostics generate a report containing key facility performance data. Our expert team reviews the prioritized findings to guide action specific to our building requirements and operational needs. As part of the managed services we offer, our extensive diagnostics library can be customized to your specific sequences and systems.

Installing VAO will help you reduce your major equipment and energy spend, saving somewhere between 15 and 30 percent. Let Advanced Control Corp. show you how to:

  • Take advantage of your building data
  • Find hidden costs and inefficiencies
  • Optimize operational performance
  • Reduce energy expenditures
  • Create an environmental-friendly, high-performance building

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