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Energy Efficiency

President Obama of Unites States announces $2.4 Billion in Grants to Accelerate the Manufacturing and Deployment of the Next Generation of U.S. Batteries and Electric Vehicles.Obama traveled Wednesday to the State of Indiana,which is beaten by the crisis,announcing a plan to which it is claimed will create thousands of jobs.”For too long we have been wrong not to invest in this type of innovative work,”said Obama.

“That’s why this announcement is very important.It represents the largest investment in this type of technology in the history of U.S… It is an investment in our ability to develop new technologies tomorrow.”The grant of 2,400 million dollars for electric vehicles including 1,500 million U.S. manufacturers to develop batteries that will expand the recycling system.Another 500 million will go to companies that manufacture components for vehicles including electric motors and electronic components.Read more.

Building Automation- Building Energy Management

Why save energy and implement a  Energy Management System?

The increasing of energy prices and the uncertainty of supply, have made the study of energy is an important strategy for industries around the world. After taking the study of energy is developed and implemented a building energy management system to manage energy. As per studies building energy management provides two major advantages: greater protection against the problems of energy supply and higher profits by reducing energy costs.

Planning energy management carefully can minimize the risks of a changing energy in the future. All industries must prepare for possible shortages or interruptions in energy supply. The used of coal or agro-industrial waste. First, the potential problems of supply should be monitored to determine the likelihood of actually occurring and what impact it may have on industry activities. After that, specific strategic plans should be established to ensure energy supply to the cases provided for primary emergency.

By building energy management strategies, the industry can help to maintain production levels and avoid lost sales due to such problems of energy supply. As I mentioned previously, controlling the cost of energy is an important strategy to improve profitability.

In some industries, energy costs represent a large percentage of the total production cost. But energy is the apparatus whose costs grow faster and one of the few costs that can be actually controlled by experts in the use of energy. Through the study of energy, industries can implement a systematic program to use energy efficiently and save money. You can save 7% to 24% of energy depending on the industrial and automation of the production process.

So why wait! Start saving energy today! Contact Advanced Control Corp to help you implement your energy management strategy for your business.

Building Automation-Energy Savings through of building automation

Building Automation-Why integrated building solutions?
The residents of a building, institutional, small businesses, a shopping center or a hospital, require a safe and comfortable work environment, as well as adequate lighting, access control to different agencies, sectors monitoring, recording and measuring power, control and information loads of faults and alarms necessary.
Moreover, the constant concern of every owner of building automation solutions is to control and reduce operating costs. Commercial office buildings consume more energy than any other building. Two thirds of all energy consumed is electricity, where the lighting, office equipment and (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) represent 90% of these expenses. The cooling and ventilation depend on the square meters, number of employees and amount of office equipment. I strongly believed that a good way to save energy without affecting the requirements of both occupants and managers is the incorporation of building automation technologies to each of the systems that compose a building. HVAC systems technology is to incorporate intelligent controllers distributed building, all operating independently, but monitored and managed by central software, therefore enable tenants to override preset building automation scheduling and HVAC systems via the internet or a touch-tone phone after business hours. What are the benefits of creating building automation?The benefits of incorporating building automation systems (HVAC systems) are:

  • Continuity of operation of the subsystems, because the drivers can share information between them, while maintaining communications with the software management and information center. This architecture allows a fault to the communications network, each subsystem is kept functioning independently until it restores the network.
  • Energy savings through better energy management: The requirements for air conditioning and ventilation systems are usually dimensioned for the most critical condition, which often involves maintaining air fans and drivers running at 100%, when in fact the order is variable during the day. Intelligent control of air conditioning and heating to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity, even when demand is highly variable, such as shopping malls. In these you can also achieve significant energy savings by incorporating air handling volume variable, which contain variable frequency drive motors for air. If we consider a decrease of 50% of the speed of a motor ventilation, power consumption drops to 1 / 8.
  • Save labor by requiring fewer people to operate and maintain, which means higher productivity.
  • Increased security by incorporating access control and surveillance through cameras and video recorders.
  • Report clear, accurate and timely, for efficient management and, ultimately, greater satisfaction for the occupants.

Several manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, have a range of products and services, along with the technical capabilities of their own or join associations, to integrate all the subsystems of a building, such as air conditioning / heating-ventilation (HVAC) control lighting, power control, access control, CCTV Solutions, fire detection, monitoring of lifts, battery bank supervision, supervision of clinical gases, among others. All these systems communicate with each other using communication protocols and open standards contact Advanced Control Corporation to help you integrate your building automation system today!

Building Energy Management-Building Automation

Consumption of energy in homes is a considerable portion of all energy consumed in the world. The dramatic price increases in fossil fuel requirements and reducing CO2 emissions of the Kyoto protocol, 50% excess in the past year, is increasing the economic and environmental problem.

We need an immediate and comprehensive critical analysis of the use of available resources and exploring alternative strategies regarding building energy management that allows a more rational use of energy with the knowledge and means at our disposal, maintaining or improving quality of life of citizens.  Some considerations in this regard are:

  • The losses in the sequence of transport and transformation of the source to the user are very important in developed countries around 84%, of which about half could be recovered with existing technology at present.
  • The consideration of energy states in a comprehensive manner without considering the cost required for their achievement. The valuation of high quality energy (chemical, electrical, compared to the waste coming from such a cooling device, allows the use of natural degradation processes of energy.
  • Peak consumption of the grid, consistent with the extreme temperatures in winter and summer, which states:
  • The air conditioning of buildings influenced significantly the overhead of the electricity consumed.
  • The amount of energy that is necessary to provide for cooling of buildings in the summer period is comparable with that required for heating in winter.

In response to some organizations, enterprises and research raises the following proposition:  guidelines for energy management study of the management and building automation energy in a residential setting within a program for research, development and evaluation of components, techniques and strategies available.

  • Low-temperature thermal energy heating, air conditioning, hot water, etc.
  • Electric power, chemical generation, storage and generation of hydrogen.
  • Materials and construction processes for energy optimization: Insulation, thermal inertia. Phase change materials, etc.
  • Design. Construction and maintenance: quality, cost, benefits Adaptation to environment, industrial construction, process automation

Managing energy while consistently improving building automation systems creates the ideal solution to keeping up with technological advances and preserving the environment.





Energy Management Transforms your Commercial Building into a Money Saver

Do you ever wish that the lighting, air quality control and other energy management systems in your building would simply operate themselves? Our building automation solutions can transform your commercial building into an automated success through quality energy management.

Picture the chillers, lighting, security, smoke alarms and more all operating in sync, as a smart and simple solution that is a cut above the rest. Advanced Control Corporation is making this happen, providing the industry’s leading building automation technology for integrated building solutions. We know how important it is to save in every area available in order to run a successful industry.

Colossal commercial buildings, and even those not so expansive ones, consume substantial amounts of energy-energy that must be managed properly to ensure the safety and comfort of the building’s inhabitants. Our technology ensures that all components of your energy management system interface seamlessly, creating an ideal environment that is cost efficient. Automating your commercial building will implement a money saving source, giving you ultimate control over managing your resources. Areas we specialize in include:

• Innovative Building Systems
• Cost-Effective Energy Management
• Expert System Integration
• Quality implementation of Building Management Systems
• Comprehensive Services

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