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How Building Smoke Evacuation System Works

Did you know that in order to protect commercial building occupants from the dangers of burning fumes and smoke owners should have smoke management systems installed to aid in the process of evacuation to help remove dangerous fumes before impacting the health of those inside.  

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Reasons You Should Install a Security System in Your Office Building

Your office building is your business, your home base for work. It is not only a place where your employees work but it’s also where your business keeps its valuables, and oftentimes money. Security systems for office buildings are important because they not only keep your office safe, but also your business – and Advanced Control Corp. can help with that.  

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Why Preventive Maintenance Services are Important

Advanced Control Corp. knows the importance of preventive maintenance service in regards to the health of any business, regardless of their size. When companies work with the ACC preventive maintenance services they are allowing us to help avoid major financial pitfalls due to failing systems and/or equipment.  

How Do Preventive Maintenance Services Work? 

Advanced Control Corp, located in South Florida, works with companies giving the benefits of preventive maintenance services where we monitor, test and schedule systems and system upgrades to ensure that businesses are running smoothly and effectively without service interruptions that can often be costly.  

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The Power of a Building Automation System

Building automation systems makes maintaining the everyday operations easier while also helping reduce operation costs and maintaining safety. Advanced Control Corporation, is a leading provider of solutions in building automation, helping clients achieve their goals.  

What is Building Automation? 

Building automation is a system installed in a building that allow’s it’s operator to control and monitor all mechanical systems inside the building. These mechanical systems can include security systems, fire systems, flood systems, heating and cooling systems as well as ventilation systems. Thanks to the power of building automation systems, building owners and managers are able to not only monitor systems but can also access these systems from virtually anywhere all while making operations more effective and saving money.  

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