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Green Strategies are Reclaiming Business

As an environmentally conscious and proactive company, Advanced Control Corporation is dedicated to green energy management.  The tools and resources we adopt in our building automation endeavors help us to achieve our green goals, reducing negative impact on the planet with sustainable methods.   Our guidelines for energy management, through the practices of our energy partners, can help your organization improve its environmental impact and financial performance at the same time, with building automation solutions that are nearly effortless to maintain and update.

While demand for energy increases globally, climate change and energy supplies are directly affected.  Companies are considering the ways energy will impact their business in the future, developing energy management strategies along with their building automation systems to ensure that they can keep up with technology while doing their part to alleviate over-usage of energy sources and environmental damage.

With environmental consciousness levels at an all-time high, many consumers are actively seeking out eco friendly products and services, and Advanced Control Corporation has been happy to deliver them since 1987.  You see, Advanced Control Corporation has always been a green company, it is in our roots.  Before it was popular to be green, Advanced Control Corporation had already begun developing and implementing environmentally sound methods of building management and building systems maintenance, making us an industry leader.  We were green before green was “cool”, and are thrilled at the positive response in the building automation industry!

Florida Building Automation, Access Control, CCTV Systems Services

Maintaining your building automationaccess control and CCTV systems is vital to extending the life of your investment-the equipment you purchased to provide efficient building infrastructure.  With nearly a quarter century of experience serving and servicing the building automation needs of our community, we are proud to share with your our unique “I am Service” approach to customer service.

Through our “I am Service” program, Advanced Control Corporation is pleased to provide the most comprehensive building automation services available in the industry.  With specially trained technicians working around the clock, when you are working-we are working.  Superior service standards include implementation of preventative maintenance maneuvers, along with a personally tailored service agreement.  Communicating your needs with your “I am Service” technician will assist you to:

• Lower your Operational Costs
• Lengthen the Life of your Equipment
• Avoid Potentially Expensive Breakdowns
• System Optimization
• Priority Service Response

Additional advantages & services available include:

• Improved Occupant Comfort
• User Training
• Software Upgrades
• Help Desk
• Energy Conservation Consultation
• Time and Material Repair & Maintenance Service
• Software/Database Archiving & Storage

New User-Friendly and Informative Website unveiled by Building Automation Specialists

Advanced Control Corporation is the industry leader in building automation, integrated building systems, energy management, CCTV solutions and building access control in South Florida.  Having been in business since 1987, the company is set on providing customer service that is superior in every aspect, not only meeting the needs of their clients, but anticipating them.  In efforts to continue with their service philosophy and standards, the company has recently revamped its website to serve as a user-friendly source of information for existing clients and potential clients.

The website is simple to navigate through, and is organized with detailed information about building automation services, solutions, support, products and much more.  Advanced Control Corporation hopes the newly designed website will function as a convenient tool for customers to utilize for a wide variety of questions and needs.  The company is constantly working to ensure their success as the leading provider of building automation, access control, system integration and CCTV systems and services in South Florida.

Aside from the website, Advanced Control Corporation maintains its renowned customer service standards by hiring and training only the best candidates for every position.  The company focuses intensely on its core values, beliefs and guiding principles to ensure the satisfaction of each client.

South Florida Building Automation

Welcome to Advanced Control Corporation – we have been the industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integration, access control and CCTV solutions since 1987. By providing only the best products and services over the years, we have risen to be one of the best building automation companies in South Florida today.

We offer environmentally sound and progressive methods for building automation, access control, CCTV solutions and energy management.

Advanced Control Corporation offers dynamic color graphics, web based solutions, temperature control and much more.  Our business solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, utilizing current technological advances for the most environmentally friendly and effective solution possible.

No matter what your energy management need, Advanced Control is able to ensure its success

  • Innovative Building Systems
  • Cost-Effective Energy Management
  • Expert System Integration
  • Quality implementation of Building Management Systems
  • Comprehensive Services

To accomplish our goal of being the leading provider of building automation, access control and CCTV systems and service we only hire, train and retain the best people.