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Let building management systems improve the safety and efficiency of your property.

Does your security system effectively fit your building’s vulnerabilities and needs? Many building security systems ignore the basic rules of physical security. Large and busy buildings can be difficult to secure with just a few guards stationed here and there, who cannot cover large areas at once. Having the appropriate security systems for offices, and other indoor and outdoor areas, is vital to safeguarding visitors and property. Advanced Control Corporation is your answer for installing an effective security system for your property. We are experts at designing and constructing building security systems from the ground up, or adding a system to your current infrastructure. Continue reading

Security Tips for Businesses


security tips for businessesFind a variety of security ideas for businesses from the building management experts at Advanced Control Corporation.

We are living in a time of increased uncertainty and threat, which makes it more obligatory for business owners to re-evaluate their building security system. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader of security and surveillance systems that are paramount to protecting your building’s occupants, property, and material assets. Below are some key security tips for businesses that will safe-guard your daily business operations:

CCTV – The Obvious First Step

Building security tips begins with installing a closed circuit television surveillance system (CCTV) that will assist in protecting your property and saving lives. CCTV is a critical component of securing every area of your building and outdoor landscape. Your system will monitor all activity that is taking place on your property. You will know who is accessing what areas and what type of activity is being performed. If suspicious activity is sighted in a specific area, your managers will have the power to lock-down that area. Alarms and alerts will be able to notify not only your managers but also local law enforcement if necessary.

Access Control

When preparing security ideas for businesses, we must include an access control system. Access control allows you to restrict access to specific floors, zones and resources in your building. Your managers will be able to receive real-time and archived data to analyze specific areas of your property for vulnerabilities and breaches. An elevator access control system would apply selective access to different floors and areas in your building that only authorized personnel are privy to, and also protect sensitive information and other IT data and resources. As one of our important security tips for businesses, your access control system will help your managers steer traffic throughout your building and help avoid loitering and wandering. Access control can utilize card or key ID’s that your employees can use to access their defined areas.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is another one of our building security tips that brings many great benefits. Your system would provide an affordable alternative to hiring security guards who can only survey limited areas at a time. Your system would help to curtail criminal activity and act as a deterrent against employee theft and tampering. Employees and tenants of your building will feel more secure knowing that video surveillance is monitoring every area of your property. Digital video recording can store surveillance data in digital format that can be retrieved for analyzing specific details of any activity that has taken place on your property. Your managers can search data by time, date and camera location through one centralized application via their internet connection.

Smoke Evacuation

One of our top security tips for businesses is a smoke evacuation system. As a part of your security system, smoke evacuation plays a vital role in protecting your building’s inhabitants, plus it also plays a key role in preventing property damage from heat and flames. The inhalation of toxic smoke and gases during a fire is the number one cause of fire-related deaths. A smoke evacuation system will sequester the safe areas of your building while blocking off the flow of smoke to those areas by using a pressurized system of defense. If will begin to distribute the smoke outdoors through the exhaust system and also engage smoke and fire dampers, partitions and fire doors.

Lighting Control

Lighting control is another of our security ideas for businesses. Your lighting control system manages illumination within your building and also outdoor property. If there is a breach in security, your lighting system will flood that area with light. This can help to deter criminal activity and also assist camera surveillance to effectively record detailed activity.

You can have peace of mind about security issues by installing a comprehensive security system on your property. To speak with one of our security experts, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

Benefits of Building Automation Systems


benefits of building automation systemsLearn about the many benefits of building automation systems with the help of Advanced Control

Owners of commercial buildings know the importance of having a smooth running infrastructure. System failures can result in slowing down or ceasing production, which of course affects client and employee relationships and profit. Knowing the benefits of building automation systems allows you to understand why a building management control system is vital to the success of your business. Learn how you can avoid shutdowns and other systemic problems in your infrastructure and reap the advantages of management system technology with a building automation system: Continue reading

Types of Building Automation Systems


types of building automation systemsWant to learn about the types of building automation systems? Visit Advanced Control Corporation.

Commercial buildings are a complex mass of systems that control everything from security, electrical, mechanical, HVAC and more. Everyday functions proceed from an incredible array of systemic networks that are working behind the scenes. The best way to manage all of these separate systems, and to unify them as a whole, is to install a building automation system. Learning about the different types of building automation systems will help a commercial property owner select which system is appropriate for his building. Continue reading

Searching For an Access Control Company in Fort Lauderdale? Let Advanced Control Help

access control company fort lauderdaleLet our access control company in Fort Lauderdale help you upgrade your property and make it more efficient.

If you want to master your interior and exterior commercial domain, you should know about access control. Advanced Control Corporation is an access control company Fort Lauderdale that will take your commercial property to the optimum level of indoor and outdoor security. We can help you optimize your building’s safety, and protect IT data, resources and assets by implementing smart security solutions that are vital to the safety concerns of today’s commercial structures. Continue reading

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