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What is Integrated Building Management System and Can I Implement in My Building?

what is integrated building management systemAnswers to common questions about integrated building management systems

If you’ve been researching ways to improve operations in your commercial building, you have probably noticed that the experts agree that installing an integrated building management system is the best solution. Unless you are familiar with building automation software, you may be asking yourself  a lot of questions such as, what is integrated building management system, how does building automation system software work, can I implement one in my building, and more. To help you in your quest to improve the operations in your building, here are answers to the most common questions about integrated building management systems. Continue reading

Installing CCTV and Surveillance Systems in Your Building

cctv and surveillance systemsThe benefits of installing CCTV and surveillance systems

Looking for an affordable way to improve security in your facility? Installing CCTV and surveillance systems in your building is an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to make your commercial building or facility more secure. Banks and other facilities that require around the clock monitoring have been relying on CCTV (closed circuit television) surveillance systems for years.  Instead of facing the expense and hassle of maintaining a squad of physical guards on the premises, building owners can provide protection for their entire facility using a single guard and a CCTV and surveillance system. Continue reading

How Building Power Monitoring Can Help You Save In Operating Costs

building power monitoringEffectively reduce operating costs with a customized building power monitoring system

Are out-of-control operating costs hurting the profitability of your commercial building? No matter how big or small your commercial building is, energy use is undoubtedly one of your highest operating costs. Building power monitoring is one of the most effective ways to rein in outsized energy costs. Through the use of metering, sub-metering, and dashboards, building utility monitoring solutions can help you manage energy usage in your facility. You will be able to identify problem areas, optimize energy usage, and reduce energy waste so you can get your operating costs under control. Continue reading

Building Monitoring System Options

building monitoring systemChoose only the building monitoring system options you need for your facility

In the Information Age, building security has become more important than ever. Now it is not just the physical premises of your building that are at risk; the private data of your and your tenants’ companies can be compromised by employee theft or hacked from remote servers. Fortunately, building monitoring systems have become extremely customizable and affordable.  Owners of small buildings no longer have to bear the expense of having a complete building automation solution with the full array of security monitoring functions, whether they are needed or not.  Instead, you can have a customized security solution that contains only the specific building monitoring system options you need.   Continue reading

Commercial Lighting System Benefits

commercial lighting systemDiscover the top benefits offered a commercial lighting system

If there were an easy, affordable way to improve security and tenant satisfaction at your building, would you want to try it? How about if you could actually reduce costs and energy waste at the same time? Commercial lighting control systems deliver all these valuable benefits and more. Upgrading your building with an automated commercial lighting system improves energy efficiency and lowers operation costs, while enhancing the security of your facility. Your commercial building becomes more attractive to tenants while you enjoy higher profits and easier operational control. Whether you are creating a new building or upgrading an existing structure, you can enjoy commercial lighting system benefits without the need for expensive renovations or extensive infrastructure changes. What are you waiting for?  Continue reading

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