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Why Elevator Security Systems Should Be In Every Building

Elevator Security Systems

Elevator security systems can minimize liability and give you and your building’s occupants peace of mind

Is your building secure? Do unauthorized personnel and visitors have access to areas of your building that should be restricted? If you answered “yes,” you need the safety net that is provided by intelligent building systems. Elevator security systems that are integrated into intelligent building systems provide you with the ability to control entry, or access, to restricted floors within your building. There are many security breaches that are attained through insecure elevator access, but you can prevent this with elevator access systems control. Continue reading

Smart Building Technology Trends

smart building technology

Find out how smart building technology can save you money

Anyone associated with intelligent building design and implementation knows just how quickly technology is advancing and new trends are emerging. To keep your business on the cutting edge of new developments you should be aware of smart building technology trends. If you own or manage a commercial building, it is your responsibility to consider the many benefits of smart building solutions. Smart building technology trends are the future building model for all systems operations within your building infrastructure. Continue reading

Is a BMS System Right For Your Business?

BMS SystemLearn how an intelligent building management system from Advanced can redefine the efficiency of your business.

If you are thinking about incorporating a BMS system into your building infrastructure and wondering if it is the right fit for your business, you are on the right track. A building management system (BMS system) offers many incredible advantages to any business and is a smart business investment. An intelligent building management system provides sustainable energy management and waste control to all your operating systems. These are vital systemic strategies that will significantly lower your operating costs by properly managing and conserving energy usage. You will obtain actionable management strategies for all of your building systems and property. Below are some of the various building management system advantages you will receive: Continue reading

Building Management System Advantages

Building Management System AdvantagesIncrease building efficiency and lower costs with building management systems from Advanced Control Corporation.

Interested in intelligent building solutions for your infrastructure? Sustainable energy management and waste control are vital systemic strategies that you should consider for your company. You can realize actionable energy conservation and other building management system advantages by utilizing intelligent building systems and management. Some of the numerous building management system advantages you will receive include: Continue reading

Can You Implement Smart Building Technology in Your Building? (The Answer is Yes)

smart buidling technologyLearn how BMS system software can make your building more efficient and lower costs

Are you interested in smart building technology for your business? Do you realize the many advantages that you can reap from intelligent building systems? You can see an increase in the efficiency and safety of your business by incorporating smart building technology into your existing system. Advanced Control Corporation has been creating intelligent building systems for many years in Florida. We can integrate smart building solutions into your existing infrastructure, or create an entirely new system from the ground up. Our building solutions are adaptable and can fit into your existing system, plus they also allow for new platforms and systems to be added at a later date. Continue reading

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