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What is Utility Monitoring?

What is Utility MonitoringThe more businesses understand about their utility consumption through building automation, the easier it will be to manage it and create an overall healthier business.

Utility monitoring allows companies to manage their utilities intelligently, giving the business and the employees great benefits. Unfortunately utility consumption is often invisible and companies look at it as a fixed cost that they must pay. Utility monitoring systems are put into place to help reduce costs through building automation management making businesses more environmentally and financially sustainable. Advanced Control Corporation helps their clients operate their building automation within their budgets, identifying problem areas and helping them correct inefficiencies. Continue reading

Advantages of CCTV For Your Commercial Business

Advantages of CCTV For Your Commercial Business

CCTV systems for business can provide many advantages for the building where it is installed, allowing business owners to be on top of what is going on in their building at all time.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a technology that transmits signals from video cameras to monitors in a specific location. This sort of technology allows business owners and operators to monitor and recorded television images for different purposes, one being security as well as surveillance and safety. Advanced Control Corporation is a leading provider of closed circuit television (CCTV system) and surveillance technology by offering an extensive line of security camera systems to meet every business’s needs. Continue reading

What are predictive (comprehensive) maintenance services?

What are predictive (comprehensive) maintenance services

How A Predictive Maintenance Services Package Can Help A Business

When a company decides to install a comprehensive maintenance service plan in their building, they are adding an integral part to their business that can help both the financial health of the business as well as keep the business ahead of problems. This type of program also adds a level of safety and quality to the business because of its ability to detect errors early and effectively.

Continue reading

Managing Your Small Energy Management Systems

Managing your small energy management systems |

Learn the best ways to maximize savings for your small energy management system.

Did you know that the money saved through efficient energy management systems can play a direct role in the bottom line of a business and help that business become more competitive? In order to tap into these benefits, it is important to learn about resources and options that can help business owners save money and make their business more efficient. Continue reading

How Advanced Monitors Demand Control Ventilation for Your Building

How Advanced monitors demand control ventilation for your building _

Working with Advanced Control Corporation on your demand control ventilation can help your building run efficiently as well as save the business money.

Air quality and proper ventilation are important because employees are able to work in a safe, comfortable indoor work environment that is free of odors and negative air quality. In order to have a healthy indoor environment, it must be well-planned and correctly managed. Having a clean and healthy indoor environment means that the inside of the building is free of odor, as well as dust and contaminants that circulate to prevent stuffiness. Continue reading

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