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Improve Indoor Air Quality for Better Health and Productivity

indoor air qualityEnsuring that employees and clients are comfortable keeps business buildings a clean, safe and productive environment.

Managing indoor air quality in smart buildings takes a look at how businesses filter air inside their facilities and how that air affects those inside. Air quality plays a major role in one’s life in regards to their health, comfort and ability to work. This is why correct indoor air quality management is a concern for business owners because of the way air quality can impact it’s clients and employees. Continue reading

Building Analytics Software Helps Improve Operations and Reduce Costs

smart buildings analyticsBuilding management is made simple through smart buildings analytics software that help managers and owners every step of the way.

It can be frustrating and time consuming for both building managers and owners to identify the root-cause of certain operational issues, leaving many systems performance issues undiagnosed. These undiagnosed operational issues often become a real problem later when they are noticed by staff, or occupants. Here is where you bring in the updates in commercial building advantages: building automation system companies. Humans do not work as quickly as computers and therefore take hours to analyze and find problems in operations while computers are able to analyze and encounter issues in a matter of seconds. This is why business owners need help from Advanced Control Corporation and their building analytics software. Continue reading

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Intelligent Buildings

Preventive Maintenance for Intelligent BuildingsPreventative maintenance is important to maintain smart buildings and save companies money in the long run

Advanced Control Corp. believes that taking care of your intelligent buildings through preventative maintenance, especially in South Florida, can be essential to extending the life of equipment and ensure that everything is running at the highest level of efficiency.  Continue reading

Improving Air Quality in Your Facility

Improving Air Quality in Your FacilityMaintaining indoor air quality keeps your business’s building clean, safe, and comfortable for everyone.

Indoor air quality management refers to how businesses look at the air inside their buildings or facilities and how that air affects individuals inside the building. Air quality plays a role in many factors in one’s life in regards to health, comfort and ability to work which explains why indoor air quality management is a major concern for business owners because of its impact on the employees and customers. Continue reading

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