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What Are Intelligent Buildings Designed To Do?

what are intelligent buildings designed to doSo exactly what are intelligent buildings designed to do? Learn what a BMS can do for your business.

What are intelligent buildings designed to do? That is a great question that deserves a thorough answer because there are many tasks that an intelligent building management system (BMS) performs. If you are considering installing an intelligent system in your structure you will want to know what the advantages of BMS system are. Your BMS system will help improve your infrastructure’s performance and efficiency, increase productivity, improve sustainability and save money on operating costs. And that is just the beginning of the many roles that an intelligent building management system plays. Continue reading

Advantages of BMS You May Haven’t Considered

Advantages of BMSLet an intelligent building management system upgrade your property and decrease costs.

Are you thinking about installing an intelligent building management system in your commercial structure? Smart businessmen know the many advantages of BMS systems and how they improve efficiency, productivity and save money on overall operating costs. As an industry leader, Advanced Control Corporation has been helping businesses create their own intelligent building management system and we can do it for you too. One of the advantages of BMS software is that you receive enterprise solutions that will connect all your networks into one automated system. Your managers can easily access and control any area of your structure and property, whether they are on-site or off. Below are additional advantages of BMS for your consideration: Continue reading

Can I Install a Green Building Control System in My Building?

green building controlFind out about upgrading your property with a green building control system

Now is the time to think about installing a green building control system in your commercial structure. It is never too late to begin improving your building’s infrastructure and your business’s bottom line. Whether you want to build from the ground up or incorporate green building control systems into your current set-up, Advanced Control Corporation has the expertise to get the job done right. Continue reading

Reasons to Install Elevator Floor Access Control

elevator floor access controlElevator floor access control systems can increase the security of your property and those in it

Are you considering installing an elevator floor access control  system in your building? Join thousands of other property managers in their quest to secure their buildings, assets, resources and building occupants. If you are a manager of an educational institution, government building, hospital, commercial building, airport etc. you should be up on the latest trends in security to effectively be able to deter criminal activity, property damage and theft. Continue reading

 Improve Safety and Efficiency with Building Light Control Systems

Building Light Control SystemsLearn how intelligent building features can improve your property’s performance.

New building light control systems are a marvel of modern times. With lighting being a top utility expenditure in commercial buildings, transitioning from outdated lighting systems to a technologically advanced system can dramatically reduce your utility costs by as much as 30% annually and improve efficiency, quality and security. BMS lighting control systems are the latest in intelligent building features that your structure should not be without. Continue reading

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