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HVAC Automation Systems Overview 

hvac automationGain multiple benefits with a building HVAC automation system.

If you would like to know more about energy management systems, there is no need to over-think the subject. Advanced Control Corporation is a leading Florida company in the design and installation of building and HVAC automation. Our experts can explain the various aspects of energy management systems to you, so that you are informed about their processes and benefits. We make a complex subject simple, and can show you how building automation can save you a substantial amount of money on operating costs. Continue reading

Office Building Security Features 

office building securityDiscover why optimized office building security systems will benefit your company.

Did you know that the installation of office security systems has far surpassed the $1 billion mark? Why is that important to you? The facts reveal something that many corporate managers know – that office building security is a vital part of surviving encroachment from hostile entities. Industry research projects that the office building security market will be in the billions of dollars by 2019. Continue reading

Access Control Systems for Businesses

access control systemsLearn how you can provide a safe environment with our card access control systems.

Commercial access control systems are an intelligent and effective way to safeguard assets and secure building inhabitants. There are numerous types of access control systems that will enable you to select who can have access to specific resources and zones within your building and outdoor property. Advanced Control Corporation has been designing and building access systems for many corporate and governmental buildings in Florida since 1987. Continue reading

Security Camera Systems for Commercial Buildings 

security camera systemsDiscover why building security camera systems are necessary for protecting people and assets.

In today’s world, it is vital that commercial property owners provide a comprehensive safety-net of security around and through their buildings and outdoor property. Our integrated surveillance camera system can provide you with a dependable and cost-effective way to protect your employees, tenants, visitors and property from harm, theft and liability. Continue reading

Retrofit or Install Intelligent Building Management Systems 

intelligent buildingDiscover how intelligent buildings can reduce your business operating costs.

Successful companies are run by smart people who consider every factor before they make any major decision. When it comes to deciding if a company needs to install or upgrade their existing intelligent building management system, there are specific things that must be taken into consideration. Today we will examine some aspects of whether or not a company should install an intelligent building management system. Continue reading

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