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Access & Elevator Control Systems

Access & Elevator Control Systems _

Access & elevator control systems in buildings are excellent ways to ensure all systems are running smoothly and safely.

Security automation through Advanced Control Corporation addresses the comfort, safety, and security of the building and those who are in it. No matter large or small, access control systems streamline operations with accuracy giving customers the best solutions for building automation. Continue reading

How Advanced Can Help Your Business With Energy Conservation

How Advanced Can Help Your Business With Energy Conservation|

Energy conservation ultimately saves money. Allow Advanced Control Corp. to work with your company to create an energy conservation plan to curb energy waste and cut costs.

When it comes to energy conservation, Advanced Control Corp. is the leader in South Florida. Developing environmentally safe methods for building management systems and maintenance, they believe that being green is cool and has significantly reduced the carbon footprint for hundreds of buildings in South Florida.

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What is VAO? And how does it help Property Managers?

What is VAO? How does it help property managers? |

Visualize, analyze and optimize are three words that can significantly help property managers manage building operations through automated software, keeps your building running efficiently.

Building automation through VAO is one of the best investments a business can make in order to manage all parts of the business. By making the most of the energy used through some of the best proprietary software, Advanced Control Corporation can convert data into intelligence that can be acted on. Continue reading

What is the “I am Service” program?

I Am Service Program | AdvancedControlCorp.comWhen selecting a planned services company, you can breathe easy knowing that Advanced Control Corp. will not only maintain your building automation but make sure that it’s functioning to the highest level

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in building automation, energy management, system integrations, access control, and CCTV solutions. They work with each individual company to make sure that they are equipped with the best innovative building systems that allow for cost-effective energy management.

One of the main focuses of Advanced Control Corporation is its planned services program “I am Service” which will be outlined here.

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Commercial Businesses Can Save On Energy Costs

Commercial Businesses Can Save on Energy Costs |

Working with Advanced Control Corporation as your managed services company can help commercial businesses save on energy costs as well as allow you to focus on the things that count, like your business.

There are many ways that commercial energy is changing, yearly, due to advances in technology. Thus, making it much easier to have an intelligent building that can help commercial businesses save on energy costs, ultimately helping the environment and your business.

An intelligent building management system allows business owners to manage everything from lighting to HVAC to heating, even keyless entry, all from one single platform allowing managers to observe operations in real-time and create a setting that manages the commercial energy.  Continue reading

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