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Types of Building Automation Systems


types of building automation systemsWant to learn about the types of building automation systems? Visit Advanced Control Corporation.

Commercial buildings are a complex mass of systems that control everything from security, electrical, mechanical, HVAC and more. Everyday functions proceed from an incredible array of systemic networks that are working behind the scenes. The best way to manage all of these separate systems, and to unify them as a whole, is to install a building automation system. Learning about the different types of building automation systems will help a commercial property owner select which system is appropriate for his building. Continue reading

Searching For an Access Control Company in Fort Lauderdale? Let Advanced Control Help

access control company fort lauderdaleLet our access control company in Fort Lauderdale help you upgrade your property and make it more efficient.

If you want to master your interior and exterior commercial domain, you should know about access control. Advanced Control Corporation is an access control company Fort Lauderdale that will take your commercial property to the optimum level of indoor and outdoor security. We can help you optimize your building’s safety, and protect IT data, resources and assets by implementing smart security solutions that are vital to the safety concerns of today’s commercial structures. Continue reading

ACC Building Automation System Basics

building automation system basicsLearn about building automation system basics and how it can improve the efficiency of your property at Advanced Control Corp.

If you are not familiar with building automation system basics, the subject can be a little daunting until it is explained. A smart building automation system is defined as a system that integrates both process and technology to create a building infrastructure that is more secure, productive and efficient. By utilizing advanced technology with intelligent design, construction, sustainability and environmental concerns your building and property will be improved in every way possible. Plus your building automation system software makes integration and management a simple process. You will see improvements in production, security, air quality and temperature control, indoor pedestrian traffic management, access control, surveillance, energy usage and waste management. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Use an Elevator Card Access System

elevator card access systemWhy an elevator card access system may be right for your building

If you have mixed-use or multi-tenant facility with one or more elevators, you may be wondering if adding an elevator card access system is a good idea. Elevators are a prime area of vulnerability in office and residential buildings that can leave your tenants and property at risk of vandalism, theft, or even bodily harm. When you have an elevator card access system in place, the elevators will only open for an authorized person presenting his or her card so access to the floors in your building can be tightly controlled.  If you are not sure if this security solution is the best choice for your building, consider these five reasons to use an elevator card access system: Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale Building Automation System Installation


fort lauderdale building automationLearn about building automation system benefits and how it can improve the efficiency of your property at Advanced Control.

If you are a business owner in the Fort Lauderdale area, you will be pleased to discover how many vital building automation system benefits are available to you. Whether you have an old structure or newer one, Advanced Control Corporation can integrate independent proprietary systems into one cohesive unit that manages every system in your facility. Your Fort Lauderdale building automation system combines mechanical, electrical, security and IT networks into one synergistic system that will save you money on operating costs, improve security concerns, and create greater interoperability leverage by sharing data. Continue reading

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