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Green Building Solutions Fort Lauderdale

green building

Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of green building solutions with the help of Advanced Control.

Step into the future and take advantage of the many benefits of green building materials and technologies. If you own or manage a commercial building in the Fort Lauderdale area, you can begin to update your facility with the latest emerging technologies in green building solutions and environmental sustainability. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in green building construction and management of commercial and governmental structures in South Florida.

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How Alternative Energy Improves Building Management

alternative energy

Learn how alternative energy solutions can benefit your commercial building.

The U.S. has long been dependent on fossil fuels to generate energy, but there is a growing movement toward more sustainable, alternative energy sources. Our dependence on fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and petroleum is transitioning to a focus on renewable energy sources.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 calls for federal agencies to acquire 7.5 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. And green construction initiatives are exploring more renewable energy sources for private and commercial properties.

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How Green Technology in Construction Impacts Buildings

green technology in construction

Discover the advantages of renewable construction technologies with the help of Advanced Control.

Green technology in construction is an effective way of using resources that can provide energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable systemic evolution. There are a large variety of renewable construction technologies available today that can make a direct impact on how well your building functions. By effectively managing infrastructure processes, you can generate increased production while maintaining high-performance systemic operations, and also reduce operating costs.

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Commercial Lighting Controls

commercial lighting controls

Discover how commercial lighting controls from Advanced Control can benefit you.

Did you now that lighting is one of the most expensive costs of operating a commercial building? Lighting costs on average can be about 40 percent of a commercial building’s annual operating budget. To rein-in outrageously high lighting costs, many commercial building owners are opting for commercial lighting control systems. Commercial lighting controls can effectively reduce waste, improve efficiency and performance, and also lower utility costs.

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Card Access Systems for Commercial Buildings

card access systemsLet card access control systems protect your business assets and more.

Door access control systems are a vital part of commercial building security and cover more than just exits and entrances. Access control systems can secure every door in your building, including elevator landings. You will be able to manage the traffic of employees and guests throughout your building with our invaluable card access systems.

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