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Benefits of Illumination Control (And How to Get It)

illumination control benefitsFind out how illumination control can benefit your commercial building

Are you still waiting to add illumination control to your commercial building? Illumination control delivers valuable advantages for commercial building owners. These advantages include lowered operation costs, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced security, plus other benefits that make commercial buildings more attractive to tenants. Best of all, illumination control can easily be added to new or existing structures without extensive renovations. Yet many structures still lack these essential building control systems. If you haven’t added lighting control to your building yet, read on to learn more about the benefits of illumination control and how you can get it for your building. Continue reading

Green Technology in Buildings

Green Technology in BuildingsHow to enjoy the benefits of green technology in buildings with older systems

If you are looking for a way to lower energy costs, improve tenant appeal, and increase the health of the occupants in your commercial building, green technology is the answer! Green technology has become one of the most desired features in buildings today. When owners incorporate green technology in buildings starting with the initial design they realize the greatest benefits, of course, but retrofitting green technology in buildings with older systems can also deliver considerable improvements in several key areas. Building owners are often surprised to find they can enjoy the benefits of green technology in their existing structures without the need for extensive renovations. Continue reading

Energy Efficient Building Solutions

energy efficient building solutionsDiscover the benefits that energy efficient building solutions can deliver

Have you considered improving the efficiency of your building with a building automation solution? The drive to improve energy efficiency has become a major force in the building industry today. The majority of new buildings incorporate energy efficient building solutions from the start, but they can also be used to improve the efficiency of existing buildings as well. You can retrofit your building with an energy management solution that will allow you to start experiencing less energy waste, lower operating costs, and other benefits of green technology, without the expense and hassle of a major renovation!   Continue reading

Reasons You Need an Office Building Security System

office building security systemLet an office building security system upgrade your property and increase safety.

Securing the workplace and protecting property and assets is a primary concern of all commercial building owners. Many commercial properties are open public spaces, such as malls, hospitals, airports, theaters, and hotels, and this makes security a vital concern in protecting building occupants, merchandise, equipment, IT data and more. Public buildings provide wide-open areas where visitors can freely roam, and this can encourage criminal activity if preventive security measures are not taken ahead of time. Advanced Control Corporation can create an office building security system for your property that will meet all your security needs. Continue reading

The Best Way to Control Energy Management: A BAS 

BAS Energy ManagementControl all aspects of energy management with a building management system from Advanced Control Corporation.

Every manager of a commercial building knows that energy costs are high and rapidly increasing. As one of the largest expenditures for companies operating a commercial structure, taking control of high energy costs is smart business management. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is a leading green technology developer in Florida that has helped hundreds of companies lower their energy and overall operating costs. We can show you how to develop smart energy management by creating a building management system that will reduce waste and significantly lower your energy costs. Continue reading

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