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Energy Saving with Advanced Automation


energy saving with advanced automationLearn how to reduce energy costs with energy efficient building solutions.

Have you thought about energy saving with advanced automation for your commercial building? It doesn’t matter what size commercial building you have; you can reduce energy costs and improve your building’s infrastructure performance with an efficient cost-effective automation system. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) can show you how to save money on utility costs, minimize waste, reduce wear and tear on mechanical systems, maximize efficiency and productivity, and conserve natural resources. We have energy saving tips that can teach you how to reduce energy consumption in business so that your profit isn’t being wasted unnecessarily. Continue reading

Commercial Lighting Control Systems – Benefits and Installation Info

commercial lighting control systemsLearn how commercial lighting control systems can upgrade your property.

Having fully integrated commercial lighting control systems in your commercial building is one of the best resources your company can have. With lighting being a large expenditure in commercial buildings, the management of lighting control in structures and outdoor property can save a company up to 40 percent, or more, on their annual utility costs. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is a leader in the installation of building lighting control systems, and can install this vital necessity in your structure so that you can monitor and manage every aspect of illumination on your property. We are one of the leading lighting control systems companies in Florida, having worked on governmental, commercial and residential properties across the state. We are experts at commercial lighting control systems, and other building management operations, that provide cost-effective savings in utility costs and proficient infrastructure performance. Continue reading

Building Management System Basics

building managementLearn how a building management system can improve the efficiency and security of your property.

Are you maximizing your building management potential? Is your building’s infrastructure running on its last leg or are you advancing systemic equipment and management? Now you can bring your company into the 21st century with one of Advanced Control Corporation’s building automation systems. We can help you improve efficiency, security and production, and lower energy costs with our smart bms (building management system) solutions. Continue reading

Energy Efficiency Techniques for Your Building

energy efficiency techniques

Learn how implementing energy efficiency techniques with the help of Advanced Control can save you money.

Did you know that according to International Energy Agency statistics, commercial buildings have a 41 percent energy savings potential within the next 20 years by incorporating energy efficiency techniques into their infrastructure? This yield is greater than the industrial sector, which expects about a 25 percent improvement and the transportation sector yield at 21 percent. As an owner or investor of commercial real estate, you can increase your building’s value, lower utility costs, and improve overall systems performance and productivity by incorporating energy efficiency techniques into your building’s systemic operation. Continue reading

How Building Automation Systems Can Save Your Company Money

building automation systemsLearn how building automation systems can make your building work smarter and be safer for occupants.

Have you considered sustainable energy management for your commercial building? Your company can save a significant amount of money by installing one of our building automation systems. Advanced Control Corporation is one of the top building management system companies in Florida that is saving valuable money and assets for commercial and governmental buildings across the state. We apply technically advanced systemic solutions to your building’s infrastructure that eliminates waste, improves energy usage, and sustains mechanical systems from wear and tear and system failures. Your company will receive many valuable benefits by installing one of our building management systems. Continue reading

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