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Air-Handling Units

Air-handling units are a vital part of the supply side of a building's HVAC infrastructure and, in-turn, any building automation system [BAS]. The proper control and monitoring of the various control points associated with air-handling units are vital to system efficiency and comfort. The three functions of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning [HVAC] are closely interrelated and require expert system design and the implementation of experienced sequences of operation to deliver maximum comfort and efficiency in operation.

In addition to ventilation, HVAC systems can reduce air infiltration and maintain pressure relationships between spaces. How air is delivered to and removed from spaces affects the entire supply side of a building's HVAC operation. Thus, maintaining the balance between all of the air-handling units within your facility is critical to maintaining temperature control and operating the building's HVAC system in an efficient manner.

The controllers associated with your HVAC system's air handlers are important, and make a world of difference in the field of building automation. Any type of structure — from a small building to a large industrial complex — requires precise monitoring and control that need to be delivered via a quality control system. Advanced Control Corp. uses the Schneider Electric family of building automation, security and CCTV products and has more than 27 years of experience applying them to satisfy its customers needs.

We know how important it is to involve a building automation team from the design phase to ensure that the system is tailored precisely to the requirements of the structure. It is important that internal temperature and humidity levels of structures be closely regulated and monitored via our controls system to accurately control the air-handling units. Temperature and humidity affect not only the living climate of the building, but also its life span. Thermal comfort and indoor air quality that an HVAC system provides creates an ideal environment for the life of your structure that is proven to increase productivity within the working environment.

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