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CCTV Solutions

As a business or property owner, your building, occupants, equipment and data are the lifelines of your business and income. With this in mind, how do you feel about your current level of security? Is your building properly outfitted with the correct security options that are necessary to keep everyone and everything safe? At Advanced […]

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Benefits of Closed Circuit Television Recording Solutions

Does your commercial building have the correct security options installed to keep its occupants, visitors and equipment safe? Although business owners understandably look to keep costs down in certain areas, building security and recording options is not an area that should be minimized or forgotten about. Having inadequate security or recording capabilities leaves your building, […]

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Super Bowl Security Gadgets

While Brady and Manning were tossing the pigskin inside the Lucas Oil stadium, outside there were new futuristic technology patrolling the streets.  “We’re using more technology and state of the art technology than has been used in any Super Bowl before this one,” explained Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub. There were dozens of undercover […]

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