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CCTV System For Security in Broward

UK officials spared no expense in trying to turn London into an impenetrable fortress— or at least making it appear so. Security for the London Olympic Games cost nearly $1.6 million and that was before the opening ceremonies.  As many as 48,000 security forces, 13,500 troops, surface-to-air missiles stationed on top of residential apartment buildings, […]

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Security Automation Systems in Miami

The security cameras at the Miami Herald building were able to shed some light on the horrific attack on a homeless man this week.  What if something happened outside your building, could you help? Security is so important these days and security camera can play a big role in keeping your tenants and property safe.   […]

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Energy Experts say the key to greener buildings is Systems Integration and Building Automation

Industry experts are increasingly recommending that officials must integrate systems that control daily operations of buildings into an enterprise network for improved communications and efficiency between and amongst the devices.  By doing so, crucial improvements in energy management and energy efficiency will occur, and buildings will perform better. By using system integration, connecting buildings will […]

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