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Security Automation Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Learn how security automation works to safeguard your building. Why leave your commercial building at risk for a security breach when you can have complete office building security working for you? It’s no secret that criminals eventually learn how to get around security upgrades. That is why it is so important to stay one step […]

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From Private Facilities to Entire States-Building Automation and Energy Management are The Next Big Plan

In light of all that is “green,” a growing amount of regions are adopting energy management plans for increasing energy efficiency and reducing pollution and emissions. Plans include building automation, which increases the life of a building.  With support from those who believe a dramatic cut in electricity use and customers’ monthly costs will occur by […]

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White House Becomes “Green” House With Obama’s Plan For Energy Building Automation Solutions

President Obama intends to get the White House to become certified LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the U.S. Green Building Council.  The effort includes energy and water systems as well as waste disposal and management.  The White House representatives find it vital to take toxicity and life-cycle into consideration when making […]

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