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Indian Government to Reduce Energy Consumption & Emissions with Energy Management Plan

As the world’s 4th largest polluter, India is making plans to reduce energy use and emissions that cause global warming with an energy management plan, opening a market in trading energy-saving credits that may reach the equivalent of $16 billion in Indian rupees, over the next five years.   The Indian government released its plan in April to aim for saving 23 million metric […]

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Energy Efficient Grants and Building Automation Provide Hope for Cities with Poor Energy Management

Urban cities with a high concentration of renting tenants tend to face a number of energy management and building energy efficiency problems. One such town plans to make a stronger move towards building automation and energy efficiency upgrades that not only decrease the amount of energy wasted, but helps lower the energy bills of tenants. […]

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White House Becomes “Green” House With Obama’s Plan For Energy Building Automation Solutions

President Obama intends to get the White House to become certified LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the U.S. Green Building Council.  The effort includes energy and water systems as well as waste disposal and management.  The White House representatives find it vital to take toxicity and life-cycle into consideration when making […]

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