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A Website for Buildings, Honestly – Honest Buildings

Really a website for buildings?  Yes, Honest Buildings is a brand new beta website that allows users to find and compare information, rating and reviews for every commercial or residential building in the U.S.  Search an address in one of 5,570 cities, and ratings on the building’s walkability, energy use, and LEED compliance shed light […]

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Tax Credits Granted for Energy Management, Energy Efficient Home Improvements, Hybrid Vehicle Purchases

Improving your home’s energy management and energy efficiency comes with a great perk from the government.  Not only will these improvements provide a strong return on investment towards savings on your energy bills, but they will also result in a tax break, by filing Form 5695. For a number of years, the tax credit benefitted taxpaying homeowners who invested […]

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Justification for Building Automation and Energy Retrofits Even for New Buildings

For many of those who own, lease, manage or operate buildings built after 2000, the idea of spending on retrofitting and energy-saving upgrades seems an outlandish idea:  Your investment hasn’t turned to profit, and upgrading equipment that is relatively new doesn’t seem an intuitive action to take. However, aninvestment in optimizing energy performance today will […]

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