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Importance of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Discover how energy efficiency in commercial buildings can increase your bottom line. You can be riding high on the wave of energy efficiency in commercial buildings, or sinking low in the depths of defeat. Rather than being the victim of high energy costs and the wasteful use of energy, you can emerge as the victor […]

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Energy Efficient Buildings

Reduce operating expenses through the installation of an energy efficient buildings management system If you are a building owner or property manager who is seeking to make your structure  both financially and environmentally greener, installing a Building Management System may be the ideal solution for you. Energy efficient buildings not only reduce annual operating and […]

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Building Automation, Energy Retrofits Among Rising Energy Management and Energy Efficient Trends

With a number of green energy management trends becoming the rule rather than the exception, building automation in Florida and energy retrofitting for buildings around the nation is widely popularized.  The movement towards sustainable buildings is solidifying, and there is a lot to hope for and look forward to in the upcoming year. Congress has long been […]

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