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An Economical Way to Upgrade Your CCTV System

A number of commercial facilities, including banks, airports, casinos, convenience stores, hospitals and more benefit from surveillance technology to increase the security in their establishments. Surveillance technology in the form of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an effective security measure that transmits signals from video cameras to specified monitors located at a specific location. For […]

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Energy Efficient Appliances & ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Incentives Provide Rebates Consumers

With a desire to promote recycling, waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency, Florida state officials are offering a rebate program for energy-efficient appliances. Offering a $75 incentive, this program is in place make sure that the buyers of new, energy efficient products are also retiring their less efficient electronics the new products are to replace. “Cash for […]

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Energy Experts say the key to greener buildings is Systems Integration and Building Automation

Industry experts are increasingly recommending that officials must integrate systems that control daily operations of buildings into an enterprise network for improved communications and efficiency between and amongst the devices.  By doing so, crucial improvements in energy management and energy efficiency will occur, and buildings will perform better. By using system integration, connecting buildings will […]

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