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CCTV Solutions

As a business or property owner, your building, occupants, equipment and data are the lifelines of your business and income. With this in mind, how do you feel about your current level of security? Is your building properly outfitted with the correct security options that are necessary to keep everyone and everything safe? At Advanced […]

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Video Surveillance Systems for South Florida Buildings

Recent revelations have turned surveillance into a hot topic of discussion. It seems every time one browses the web or turns on a television set, someone is airing his or her opinions on surveillance: who should perform it, whom should be subjected to it, and how much is acceptable. The debates rage on, but one […]

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Business and Home Security

As the years fly by and technology becomes more advanced and more affordable, there are numerous developments in security and video data. Building, businesses and private homes are increasingly using more CCTV products than ever before. Two to even three decades ago, security systems were black and white basic screening and mainly used for high […]

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