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Building Management System Basics

Learn how a building management system can improve the efficiency and security of your property. Are you maximizing your building management potential? Is your building’s infrastructure running on its last leg or are you advancing systemic equipment and management? Now you can bring your company into the 21st century with one of Advanced Control Corporation’s […]

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Huge Growth Predicted for Green Building Market

Energy and environmentally-conscious buildings continue to be on the rise, with Environmental Leader Insights reporting that the U.S. green building market will grow from $71.1 billion currently to reach $172 billion by 2015! Building with natural resources and employee productivity in mind is catching on due to the growing recognition of its cost-saving benefits as […]

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Building Automation and Energy Efficiency Measures Drastically Reduce Energy Expenses

With a large role in the grand scheme of energy conservation, building automation plays a large role in the big picture of energy efficiency and energy conservation.   Building automation not only extends the life of a building, but improves convenience, comfort and the building’s overall energy efficiency levels.  IT programs and different technologies for building management control a variety of components and elements […]

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