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Energy Efficiency Bill “HomeStar” to be Passed by Congress

Congress is soon passing HomeStar, a program of green-energy and energy efficiency incentives for homeowners investing in making their home more energy-efficient. Similar to a Cash for Clunkers program, rebates for energy-efficient appliances and retrofits for the home are available at the point of purchase. These rebates would be marketed by a number of vendors, […]

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Building Automation Creates Sustainability Despite Economic Pressures

Necessity¬†being the mother of invention and innovation, pressing economic times forge a number of revolutions in technology and the overall way we conduct our lives and business.¬† In a need and desire to create sustainability and simplicity, energy consumption¬†tends to be a strong focus for financial savings and long-term return on investments. By investing in […]

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Building Automation-Energy Savings through of building automation

Building Automation-Why integrated building solutions? The residents of a building, institutional, small businesses, a shopping center or a hospital, require a safe and comfortable work environment, as well as adequate lighting, access control to different agencies, sectors monitoring, recording and measuring power, control and information loads of faults and alarms necessary. Moreover, the constant concern […]

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