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High-Definition the Future of CCTV Security?

It seems that as the demand for closed circuit cameras (CCTV) continues to increase, security technology has been able to evolve- resulting in new products with better image quality, resolution and clarity. The latest example of this is the high definition close circuit camera (HD CCTV). HD CCTV cameras are a hybrid of digital security […]

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Advanced Control Says Pan, Tilt, Zoom for Added Security

  There is an array of excellent options when it comes to closed circuit television, or CCTV, solutions. A particularly comprehensive choice is pan/tilt/zoom, or PTZ, cameras. These are an ideal solution to the various issues that fixed cameras pose. As the name implies, the PTZ allows the user to zero-in and closely follow the […]

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Energy Management Transforms your Commercial Building into a Money Saver

Do you ever wish that the lighting, air quality control and other energy management systems in your building would simply operate themselves? Our building automation solutions can transform your commercial building into an automated success through quality energy management. Picture the chillers, lighting, security, smoke alarms and more all operating in sync, as a smart […]

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