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The Importance of Air Quality Control

Over the last decade, strides in energy conservation have taken effect as well as overall consciousness in environmental health awareness. Every facet of life, including advanced control solutions, has evolved to align itself with energy management with industries gearing themselves towards producing energy efficient technology. Air quality is another component of overall environment health and […]

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21 Countries Celebrate World Green Building Week

The World Green Building Council celebrated World Green Building Week last week, as 21 countries hosted festivals and discussions to promote environmentally friendly building practices. The World Green Building Council has also released a report outlining the impact of building green. “According to the United Nations Environment Programme, buildings consume between 30-40% of global energy. […]

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Air Quality Control and Monitoring You Can Trust

Air quality for offices and commercial spaces is a factor that cannot be overlooked. To ensure that people are in a healthy work environment, air quality monitoring and control is an important part of a building automation solution. Advanced Control Corporation of South Florida provides only the most efficient and technologically advanced air quality control […]

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