Reasons You Should Install a Security System in Your Office Building

Your office building is your business, your home base for work. It is not only a place where your employees work but it’s also where your business keeps its valuables, and oftentimes money. Security systems for office buildings are important because they not only keep your office safe, but also your business – and Advanced Control Corp. can help with that.  

Office Building Security  

Security systems for office buildings have become evermore complex over the past years, changing with the need to become increasingly more secure within buildings. Most new offices rely on computerized building automation systems that can virtually control all the systems within the building, including security.  

In order for building owners to protect their businesses, employees, equipment and data they need to incorporate the latest surveillance paired with access control and other technologies in their building automation systems to secure their building.  

At Advanced Control Corp. our office building security system options give business owners solutions to possible security issues. This can be such as elevator security systems and building access control to comprehensive camera recording devices and so forth. We urge all business owners to consider investing in office building security to effectively secure your investments and employees.  

Continue reading to learn more about our different types of security systems for office buildings. 

Security Systems for Office Buildings 

As security for business becomes an even more important concern today, Advanced Control Corp. is here to help you provide a safe environment not only for your business but also for your employees. At ACC we offer a variety of security automation solutions for you to decide on, ensuring optimal security for your property and the things inside. Here are a few of our security systems for office buildings that we offer: 

  • Elevator Security Systems – Securing a building oftentimes starts at the elevator, depending on the type of building. We offer options such as the SmartCard system that can allow employees or tenants to enter specific floors or zones within the building. Because a card is needed to move in the elevator, this option acts as a great theft deterrent because they are unable to enter restricted zones, removing the possibility or property damage or worse. These systems are adaptable and can run on their own or work with lighting and surveillance systems.  
  • CCTV Surveillance – CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and was initially created to secure banks, but is now used worldwide to secure all types of business and more. CCTV transmits images and signals from around properties to be viewed on monitors on site, or remotely. All data from these systems are stored electronically in order to be accessed at any point, even years later. At ACC, we offer excellent CCTV options an our representatives can walk you through any questions that you may have related to its use and functionality. 

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in the design, installation and support of security systems for office buildings. We will work with your business to create a perfect security system that will fit your needs and structure. In order to find out more, you can contact us at 954.491-6660