How Building Smoke Evacuation System Works

Did you know that in order to protect commercial building occupants from the dangers of burning fumes and smoke owners should have smoke management systems installed to aid in the process of evacuation to help remove dangerous fumes before impacting the health of those inside.  

Overview of Building Smoke Evacuation Systems 

If your business or companies has an active kitchen, the need for a smoke management system cannot be stressed enough. Smoke and fumes can quickly spread throughout a commercial building creating a significant hazard for employees and other individuals inside. Most fire-related fatalities stem from breathing in the fumes and gasses caused by the fire instead of the actual flames. Unfortunately in these situation, the smoke that spreads is often created by the heating and burning of materials that can often cause a deadly mixture of invisible chemicals, including carbon monoxide.  

If your building has a building automation system, Advanced Control Corp. can seamlessly integrate a building smoke evacuation system to your building automation system giving your building an extra level of security. In the case of the possible fire, your smoke management system will respond immediately, altering the function of your HVAC and ventilation to confine the areas with smoke and move them away from occupied areas.  

When building smoke evacuation systems detect smoke, or fumes, they activate fans and dampers to control air pressure and therefore move the toxic smoke away from employees, guests and other individuals in the building. We also recommend the use of fire partitions, barriers and doors as other containment measures to be incorporated to extend the security of your building in contain smoke in case of a fire.  

The main need for controlling smoke in the case of a fire is to create differences in air pressure in certain zones. This concept allows for smoke to move out of the occupied areas and into the smoke zone by raising the pressure in adjacent spaces, allowing the smoke to move into the smoke zone and not throughout the building.  

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in building automation services in South Florida and has been in business for more than 25 years. We work to improve the safety, energy efficiency and security of building by installing building solutions that are innovative and up to date. Let us help you create a truly safe working environment.  

Building Automation and Smoke Management 

Building automation is nearly an essential asset to your companies building. It is a centralized hub that monitors, manages and responds to everything mechanical going on in your building. This means that in most cases is continuously controls the heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, security and access control. Building automation makes sure that all systems are following maintenance protocols all while monitoring to ensure optimal function. If something is not operating correctly it will detect it and analyze what is going on. Being able to know what is going on behind the scenes could save a large quantity of money in the long run as well we less major repairs. Another great feature about building automation is that it can be controlled from anywhere, on site or remotely through a cell phone or a computer.  

Approximate annual savings from a building smoke evacuation systems is around 15%, depending on the size of your company. Building automation is a great addition to your company‚Äôs operations and paired with a smoke management system your business will increase in safety and also productivity.  

How Advanced Control Corporation Can Help your Business

If you are interested in learning more about building automation and smoke management systems, speak to an Advanced Control Corporation  team member today about what we can do to help you. We can be reached through our contact us page or at 954.491.6660.