The Power of a Building Automation System

Building automation systems makes maintaining the everyday operations easier while also helping reduce operation costs and maintaining safety. Advanced Control Corporation, is a leading provider of solutions in building automation, helping clients achieve their goals.  

What is Building Automation? 

Building automation is a system installed in a building that allow’s it’s operator to control and monitor all mechanical systems inside the building. These mechanical systems can include security systems, fire systems, flood systems, heating and cooling systems as well as ventilation systems. Thanks to the power of building automation systems, building owners and managers are able to not only monitor systems but can also access these systems from virtually anywhere all while making operations more effective and saving money.  

At Advanced Control Corporation, we can help your business get up to speed  on monitoring the mechanical and electrical systems from one centralized location, giving you the ability to have a cohesive building automation system. When you make the decision to let us install building automation systems for you, you will not regret integrating this powerful automation tool. 

How Does Building Automation Work? 

You may understand the big picture but be wondering how a building automation system can actually allow business owners and managers to control all systems from one centralized location. In order to do so, smart building automation systems generally consist of the following components: 

  • Controllers – Controllers are the part of the system that gathers the data from the sensors that are connected to the system to make the decision related to how the system should respond. Sensors are throughout the building, collecting data such as temperature, CO2, room occupancy and humidity levels 
  • Output Systems – Once data has been put together from the controllers and the next steps have been determined, the system can then use it’s output systems and devices to carry out the determined next steps.  
  • Interface – The interface is where the managers and owners are able to interact with the building automation system, giving the ability access the systems remotely if necessary.  
  • Communication Protocols – These are the protocols used between systems within the smart building automation to communicate.  

As building automation systems become an important part of how companies operate at Advanced Control Corp we stay on top of the latest technology to ensure that companies are getting the best technology available for their smart building automation. Are you interested in finding out more on how to install building automation systems? Contact us at Advanced Control Corp today 954.491-6660 and we will get you started in the right direction.  

Benefits of Building Automation 

Building automation systems provide ample benefits for businesses and although initial costs may sometimes cause an initial hesitation, in the long run it is worth it. Here are a few main benefits of why businesses should install building automation systems: 

  • Reduce Expenses – When you install a building automation system, owners are able to notice a substance reduction is costs over time, saving mostly in utility bills. Because these types of systems are able to adjust lighting, heating and cooling system according to occupancy as well as season and time of day,  the demand for output greatly reduces overall cost. There are numerous ways that building automation systems can help reduce overall expenses and Advanced Control Corp. will make sure that you understand the various ways.  
  • Improve Productivity & Comfort – By integrating systems, owners and managers will have greater control over the buildings occupants and their comfort. This means that air ventilation and quality will improve and better air quality can directly impact the way a business operates. 
  • Environmental Footprint – At Advanced Control Corp we believe in reducing as many environmental footprints as possible and by making your building smart you are not only reducing energy but also making your building more environmentally friendly.  

Are you ready to let us help you? Contact us today! at 954.491-6660 to set up your first consultation.