How Building Management System Can Help Businesses Improve Profitability

Building Management Systems 

Is your company aware that energy management tools are readily available to help increase profit and decrease overall cost? Find out how Advanced Control Corp can help your business get up to date with a building management system .

A BMS, building management system is oftentimes referred to as a building automation system and it is a system that helps owners and managers control their heating, cooling, lighting, energy, air handling units and other major element. These systems are created to oversee the energy- consumptions as well as oversee fire safety.  The main functions of a BMS, building management system, is to control the ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning, but that it not their only function. Here is a list of all important functions in a BMS, or BAS: 

HVAC – BMS allow for businesses to keep their buildings at a specified air state, ensuring the correct temperature, humidity, fans and air handling units. 

Boiler Controls – BMS also allows control over the boilers to make sure that they are maintaining a constant temperature and turning them on and off as needed. 

Electrical Power – When businesses have many types of mechanical equipment, building management systems are a great resource to control and monitor the main mechanical equipment. 

Lighting Control – Building management, and automation systems allow building to install sensors and control when lights are on or off according to a schedule or when certain rooms are inhabited.  

Heating – Through automated systems, managers are able to create a schedule for heating and maintain a certain temperature point. 

Fire alarm system – These systems are connected to the building automation to ensure safety of all employees and clients within the building 

Elevators – Elevators are connected through building automation to ensure that they are monitored with video surveillance and system statuses. 

Water Monitoring – By monitoring water systems, managers are able to observe temperature deviations as well as the opening and closing of  valves. 

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Advanced Control Corp is a leader in building automation technology and is here to help you and your business understand each part of a BMS. We will work with you to keep prices within your budget and work with you on strategies to help you increase profit and decrease operations cost. To learn about how we can help you, contact us at 954-491-6660 today. 

Building Management Systems and Profitability  

If you are still unsure of why a Building Management System can be a great investment for your property we are here to clarify. Here are a few reasons why a Building Automation System is a great investment for your business: 

  • BMS will increase efficiency in your building, including every operations systems. 
  • BMS will work together with your electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, lighting, security and surveillance systems to provide optimal output. 
  • Once connected to a BMS, owners and managers will begin to receive data related to how each system is operating and their efficiency levels. 
  • Owners and managers are notified immediately in regards to malfunctions in systems, giving owners the opportunity to fix things quickly. 
  • BMS help tremendously in regards to lighting controls by leaving parts of the building that are not being used dark and turning lights off after lengths of time without movement. 
  • Decreases in cost will be noticed quickly due to the ability to control lighting, heating, AC and other operations according to usage. 
  • Systems will be scheduled according to use giving owners an average of 15% decrease in utility costs. 

Advanced Control Corp understands the numerous reasons why a BMS should be installed in your business and we are here to help you understand these reasons. Allow us to help your business operate at peak performance levels while increasing productivity by installing one of our top of the line Building Management Systems. contact us today at 954.491-6660 to set up your first consultation.