Building Analytics Software Helps Improve Operations and Reduce Costs

smart buildings analyticsBuilding management is made simple through smart buildings analytics software that help managers and owners every step of the way.

It can be frustrating and time consuming for both building managers and owners to identify the root-cause of certain operational issues, leaving many systems performance issues undiagnosed. These undiagnosed operational issues often become a real problem later when they are noticed by staff, or occupants. Here is where you bring in the updates in commercial building advantages: building automation system companies. Humans do not work as quickly as computers and therefore take hours to analyze and find problems in operations while computers are able to analyze and encounter issues in a matter of seconds. This is why business owners need help from Advanced Control Corporation and their building analytics software.

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Building managers and owners have spent time and money on their investments in their businesses and smart buildings any by making the most of their energy by improving efficiency, comfort and financial well-being is what Advanced Control Corporation is all about. Advanced Control Corporation has a proprietary software system – VAO – that converts data into actionable intelligence giving managers and owners the ability to identify and therefore prioritize upgrades, repairs and other things on their smart buildings. VAO can find not only mechanical inefficiencies but also reduce overall operating costs by targeting maintenance efforts.

Building automation systems companies such as Advanced Control Corporation have experience and knowledge and the ability to help any size building or organization maximize energy savings and improve productivity. If you are interested in learning more about who Advanced Control Corporation is and how they can help, call 954.491.6660 today to speak to a representative.

How Advanced Control Corporation Can Help Your Smart Building

Advanced Control Corp’s proprietary software system – VAO – can be integrated at both the cloud and web levels with the ability to identify faults, inefficiencies and system degradation. It has a cross- platform of continuous data integration that drives action and tracks performance over time and then consolidates this information for both the buildings and the clients.

Advanced Control Corporation takes the information from the buildings systems and sends it to a cloud-based storage where it is then analyzed by an artificial intelligence to process data from the building and monitor and diagnose facility performance and identify faults. If an immediate concern is noted, an alarm is sent to building managers and/or owners to allow for quick and efficient repairs.

The VAO software uses an automated fault detection and diagnostics to give building managers and owners ranked recommendations. As well as daily diagnostics in the form of a report that contains key facility performance data. Advanced Control Corporation’s expert team reviews the ranked recommendations to help guide businesses to specific requirements and operational needs.

Advanced Control Corporation works as a managed service company and will work with every type of smart building, large or small to help improve productivity and save money all while working closely with building managers and owners to make sure that everything is understood and that trainings have been administered, if needed.

Why Install VAO ?

Installing VAO in your smart building will help owners reduce costs on equipment and energy somewhere between 15 and 30 percent. Advanced Control Corporation will work with the business to show owners and managers how to:

  • Take advantage of building data
  • Find hidden problems
  • Find hidden costs
  • Optimize operational performance
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Create an environmental friendly
  • Create a high-performing, comfortable building

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in South Florida since 1987  in building automation, energy management, systems integrations, access control and CCTV solutions. They are dedicated to solving comfort, efficiency, security and equipment issues. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today to allow them to help you solve your business needs.