How Smart Building Technology Can Help Enforce Social Distancing at Work

smart building technologySmart buildings promote social distancing in all types of environments

Now that things are beginning to open up again, it is important to understand how smart buildings and offices can help keep workers and customers safe. Here we will give you a breakdown of some different ways that smart buildings can help promote social distancing and how us at Advanced Control Corporation can help.

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With the outbreak of COVID-19 space utilization monitoring in smart building software can help businesses with things like advising workers when to visit spaces, such as the cafeteria, to avoid overcrowding. Space management software is being explore to help with social distancing to see where occupants are in any certain building to monitor areas where an infected person has been or to ensure safe distances.

Continue reading to learn more about how smart building technology can help enforce social distancing at work.

Workplace Wellbeing

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the overall wellbeing of a workplace has become more important than ever when it comes to bringing employees back to the office. Businesses are trying to find the best ways to ensure the safety of their employees as well as productivity. A few ways that smart technologies in smart buildings can help with social distancing are the following:

Room Booking Management

This type of system can work with sensors to let managers know real-time analytics of what is going on within the building, in particular in office spaces, meeting rooms and overall social spaces. Room booking management in smart buildings can help with social distancing by setting max capacity settings, cleaning schedules while successfully monitoring the utilization of workspaces.

Video Conferencing

This type of communication is already in full swing due to wide-spread remote working. By allowing space within office buildings for video conferencing, it provides an immersive way to communicate and collaborate and ultimately alter the way we look at offices and meetings.

Body Thermal Detection

Body Thermal Detection is something that can be implemented in smart buildings, working as an extension to CCTV systems that are already in place. These cameras can promote facial recognition, identifying individuals who enter the business and note if they have an elevated body temperature or not. This creates a way to identify individuals entering premises who may be ill and help provide proper care.

Remote Factory Equipment Access

Smart buildings give facility managers the ability to manage building equipment remotely such as lighting, appliances, electricity, water, gas, thermostat and more. Having the ability to control these things from home keeps operational equipment employees away from groups of people working in the building. The capability to provide employees with the ability to work from home during this time makes managing crucial equipment inside buildings an easier task.

Occupancy Analytics

Occupancy Analytics can give businesses the ability to look at the square footage that is vacant and could be cut giving more individuals the ability to work from home. This also helps businesses save money by realizing what spaces need to be occupied and ultimately lead business owners to the data they need to make decisions.

Adding Sensors

Workplace hygiene will be another main focus when businesses begin to operate again. Smart buildings can look at placing sensors on soap dispensers and adding door contact sensors can help maintenance determine how frequently the bathrooms are being used to keep them clean and up to date. These sensors are wireless and therefore are virtually maintenance free.

If you are interested in finding out how to make your smart building run more effectively at this time, contact us at Advanced Control Corporation. We are an industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integrations, access control and CCTV solution. We will work with you to make sure your building is operating in top shape, at this challenging time.