The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Intelligent Buildings

Preventive Maintenance for Intelligent BuildingsPreventative maintenance is important to maintain smart buildings and save companies money in the long run

Advanced Control Corp. believes that taking care of your intelligent buildings through preventative maintenance, especially in South Florida, can be essential to extending the life of equipment and ensure that everything is running at the highest level of efficiency. 

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By performing routine preventative maintenance on commercial buildings, companies are able to meet goals that can help:

  • Save money
  • Reduce cost
  • Ensure comfort
  • Maximize safety
  • Maximize security
  • Guarantee a dependable and efficient system
  • Optimize overall productivity

Advanced Control Corp. are leaders in South Florida for not only implementing smart building technology but also ensuring that these commercial buildings are operating at their best. If you are interested in learning more about how Advanced Control Corporation can help your business and receive a complimentary system evaluation, contact us today!

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance in Intelligent Buildings

Preventative maintenance in smart buildings in South Florida is a scheduled maintenance service program that is cost effective and can maintain and service all types of commercial building’s needs. When buildings are routinely inspected with routine maintenance, business owners are able to avoid costly and unexpected repairs. When owners and building managers are aware of what is going on within their commercial building smart system, they are able to budget for repairs or replacement of certain systems in time.

On top of being aware of what is going on and when things may need to be updated, technology has become so advanced that both business managers and companies such as Advanced Control Corporation, can help control every facet of the smart system with the touch of a button on a screen. This doesn’t mean that with new technology, smart buildings are immune to failure, but it does mean that these types of programs are ahead of the game in diagnosing, testing and keeping track of what is going on with every unit in the building. This type of technology allows  managers and owners to know what may be in need of a replacement and when, instead of unexpectedly.

Performing preventative maintenance on systems such as the HVAC system alone can save companies money on costly repairs. HVAC systems in smart buildings are integrated systems that help reduce energy bills to give more leeway for other expenses. When scheduled preventative maintenance occurs on the HVAC system, business owners are ensuring that the system is working properly for all individuals within the building.

In regards to other parts of smart buildings, preventative maintenance can come through a service agreement with Advanced Control Corporation which is a service that will help maintain and service the control systems. This type of service agreement gives clients one-on-one attention through monthly reports, equipment reviews and above all ensuring that the investment of an intelligent building continues to reap benefits.

Additional Services

It is amazing how advanced technology has become to not only help maintain commercial buildings but also the technology inside of it. That is why Advanced Control Corporation is here to make sure that you and your commercial business receives the benefits of a proper service agreement and preventative maintenance plan. Parts of this plan and package can include:

  • Increased equipment life
  • Lower operational costs
  • System Optimization
  • Better Comfort of Employees and Occupants
  • Priority Service Response
  • Avoidance of Breakdowns
  • Budgeting

Advanced Control Corporation can also offer additional services to help business managers and owners such as:

  • User training
  • Software upgrades
  • Help desk
  • Energy conservation consultation
  • Software/ database archiving and storage
  • Time and material repair and maintenance service

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