Improve Indoor Air Quality for Better Health and Productivity

indoor air qualityEnsuring that employees and clients are comfortable keeps business buildings a clean, safe and productive environment.

Managing indoor air quality in smart buildings takes a look at how businesses filter air inside their facilities and how that air affects those inside. Air quality plays a major role in one’s life in regards to their health, comfort and ability to work. This is why correct indoor air quality management is a concern for business owners because of the way air quality can impact it’s clients and employees.

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Monitoring indoor air quality in the workplace is made possible through building automation systems such as those offered at Advanced Control Corporation. If you are a business owner and currently have a building automation system, Advanced Control Corporation can find a retrofit application that will bring your system up to date and help you understand your smart building. Companies like ours care about your indoor air quality and are experts in the field when it comes to working with businesses to resolve indoor air quality problems.

Concerned about the indoor air quality in your business? Think about these air quality measurements to guide you to the next step:

  • Comfort – Are you able to measure the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity and airborne matter in your building?
  • Chemical – Do you know what type of volatile organic chemicals are in your air such as cleaning supplies, paints, sewer gas, formaldehyde or carbon monoxide are in your indoor air depending on your type of business?
  • Biologicals – Is your building properly ventilated to make sure that particulate matter like dander, pollen, microbial organisms , mold and bacteria are able to ventilate properly?

If you are interested in more information regarding updating your building automation to help your indoor air quality, us as Advanced Control Corporation are here to help and can be reached at 954.491.6660.

Importance of Monitoring Air Quality

Many factors can lead to indoor air pollution in smart buildings such as dust, mold, mildew or even chemical pollutants. Here are how these things lead to contaminating the air, making it a less pleasurable environment for employees to work:

  • Dust in the form of mites can contribute to indoor air pollution because without proper ventilation, these microscopic pollutants can circulate around your business causing allergy symptoms for some individuals.
  • Mold and Mildew forms when the temperature outside drops, indoor air is headed and condensation forms around the windows causing moisture. When there is high moisture in indoor air it creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and thrive.
  • Chemical Pollutants refers to items in buildings such as office equipment, furniture, building materials among other things that emit chemical pollutants. These types of pollutants can include VOC’s, formaldehyde, polyurethane and more.

Indoor air quality is one of the most underrated health concerns out there because of the inability to see air quality by the naked eye. When individuals think of air pollution it is common to think of heavily populated cities with smog or a dark-smoke looking appearance whereas polluted indoor air can hide behind the cool AC breeze, air fresheners and candles making it easily masked and dismissed.

Making sure that business owners have a proactive approach to air quality gives you the ability to be on top of hazardous issues that can be identified and easily adjusted by smart building programming. At Advanced Control Corporation we care about your indoor air quality and are experienced in resolving common indoor air quality issues. We will make sure to help businesses unfamiliar with this topic understand strategies and work together to understand how to efficiently maintain healthy indoor air. Contact us today!