Video Surveillance Services from Advanced Control

Video Surveillance ServicesVideo Surveillance Services Are an Essential Tool in the Health of Any Business

Due to its ability to help with loss prevention as well as the observation of productivity, video surveillance is a vital system in the majority of businesses . Is your company interested in adding video surveillance services? Find out how below.

Video Surveillance Services is one of the many working parts of having a fully integrated building automation system. These tools are invaluable to managing a business today and working with a company like Advanced Control Corporation ensures effective security and management of your companies many working parts. Advanced Control Corporation will help you create a plan to implement security solutions, meeting all of your specific needs. Continue reading to learn more about how video surveillance can help your business.

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4 Ways Video Surveillance Services Can Help Your Business

While there are many ways that installing a video surveillance system can help your business, here are our 4 top reasons in which ACC can help you help your business be at it’s best.

Reduce Loss

Video surveillance services help businesses prevent losses through real time streaming video options that can be monitored remotely, at any time. Adding this type of surveillance is a great way to prevent crime before it even happens.

Document Events

No matter what you would like to record, there is an option for it. Having a video surveillance system installed in your business gives owners the freedom to schedule recordings and save recordings in the Archive. If you need to go back and check an exact date and time, this is possible through the Archive with video surveillance systems.

By documenting events through video surveillance, you are providing safety measures for employees and customers. Advanced Control Corporation understands that the safety of the individuals that work, and enter your business are important as well as capturing accurate images of events that happen. Having this feature is another great way to document evidence about accidents that happen on the job.

Gain Visibility

Having the ability to search for events is a great way to gain visibility into what goes on in the business. Video surveillance can also be set up so that cameras are covering every angle of the building and are much more stable than network digital recorders and digital video recorders.

Ensure Optimum Performance

Having a company like Advanced Control Corporation get your business set up with video surveillance services you can have peace of mind knowing that the system is the best of its kind and that it is functioning to your benefit. ACC does not cut corners and ensures safety of the system by managing and storing data in the Cloud.

Who Are We?

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in building automation and has been in business since 1987. We are dedicated to solving comfort, efficiency, security and equipment issues by offering:

  • Innovative building systems
  • Cost-effective energy management
  • Expert system integration
  • Quality implementation of building management systems
  • Comprehensive services

We keep the preservation of the environment that the forefront of our industry slogan by seeking out eco-friendly products and services. When installing our systems, we make every effort to ensure that the environment receives the least negative impact possible while ensuring that the customer is receiving the best technology out there.

If you are interested in working with us, our 27 years of experience can speak for the work we have done installing and designing systems that are excellent and have reduced the carbon footprint of hundreds of building in South Florida.

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