Improving Air Quality in Your Facility

Improving Air Quality in Your FacilityMaintaining indoor air quality keeps your business’s building clean, safe, and comfortable for everyone.

Indoor air quality management refers to how businesses look at the air inside their buildings or facilities and how that air affects individuals inside the building. Air quality plays a role in many factors in one’s life in regards to health, comfort and ability to work which explains why indoor air quality management is a major concern for business owners because of its impact on the employees and customers.

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Monitoring air quality is possible through building automation systems thanks to new technology. If you have a current building automation system you can find a retrofit application that will work with your system or can have it installed in new constructions. Companies like Advanced Control Corporation care about your indoor air quality and know how to work with businesses to resolve indoor air quality issues.

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Why Is Indoor Air More Easily Polluted?

The quality of indoor air in businesses is one of the largest underrated health concerns due its inability to be seen by the naked eye. When you think about air pollution you think of heavily populated areas with smog or a dark-smoke looking appearance. Indoor air pollution is able to hind behind a cool breeze, air fresheners and candles and because it is not easily noticed, it is easily dismissed as a potential issue.

Wondering How Indoor Air Becomes Polluted?

There are many factors that can lead to indoor air pollution and they can be dust, mold or mildew and chemical pollutants.

Dust in the form of mites can contribute to indoor air pollution because without proper ventilation, these microscopic pollutants can circulate around your business causing allergy symptoms for some individuals.

Mold and Mildew forms when the temperature outside drops, indoor air is headed and condensation forms around the windows causing moisture. When there is high moisture in indoor air it creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and thrive.

Chemical Pollutants refers to items in buildings such as office equipment, furniture, building materials among other things that emit chemical pollutants. These types of pollutants can include VOC’s, formaldehyde, polyurethane and more.

Air Quality Management Can Also Play A Role in Parking Garage Emissions

Businesses who also run and operate parking garages for their employees and customers can monitor the levels of CO2 and NO2 inside their parking structures such as garages, arenas, fire stations, loading docks and more. Advanced Control Corporation works with businesses to create solutions for parking garages to monitor and eliminate unsafe levels of emissions within the parking structures. By using systems through building automation to monitor emissions levels businesses can take advantage of the follow features:

  • Monitor parking structures for poisonous emissions
  • Send alarms to BMS and alert facilities personnel
  • Eliminate harmful gases from enclosed parking structures
  • Monitor and control levels of different gases all from one single system platform
  • Effectively use and control garage exhaust fans by activating only when needed
  • Allow for control of exhaust fan variable speed drives

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