The Benefits of Building Automation Consulting

The Benefits of Building Automation ConsultingBuilding automation controls and consulting makes your building smarter, greener, and more efficient.

Businesses needs are constantly changing and working together with a company such as Advanced Control Corporation for your building automation consulting needs can be an excellent investment for your company. Advanced Control Corporation focuses on green building automation while making your building smarter. As businesses needs change, operations and applications change as well. By working with a building automation controls company, you and your staff will be guided through the right choices for your building automation needs.

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Wondering if you should invest in green building automation through a consulting company such as Advanced Control Corporation? Continue reading to find out why others are investing in building automation controls.

4 Reasons to Invest in Green Building Automation

Advanced Control Corporation works with each and every client to create an energy conservation and management strategy, and implement all aspects into the business with as little disturbance as possible. By providing a comprehensive, turn-key service ACC is able to assist businesses design and manage all parts of the companies energy usage. Here are a few ways that building automation controls can help your business:

Energy Efficiency

Building automation is put in place to gain a better overview of the systems that are in place, giving its operators and business owners the chance to analyze and interpret the data that comes from the systems and then devise a plan to increase energy efficiency and lower costs. An example of how costs are lowered include adjusting temperature in the building as well as lighting to save energy across the board.

Operations Efficiency

Building automation is able to see across the board and run diagnostics on systems to predict system performance and the need for maintenance. By taking a proactive approach, owners and operators are able to reduce unplanned downtime due to maintenance or equipment failure.

Better Control of Systems

Certain facilities require precise control over systems such as hospitals and the need for building automation is important. This type of automation can help maintain consistent temperature as well as better ventilation for specific spaces.


Building automation controls can maximize security and the staff’s ability to handle emergencies. For example, if there happens to be an emergency in the form of a break-in or robbery, a building automation control center can lock specific interior doors to stop an intruders progress in the building.

On top of these four reasons to invest in green building automation, having a system like this can create an ideal occupant experience due to the level of personalization. Advanced Control Corporation is able to create programs that are flexible and designed to adapt and evolve as seasonal needs change or to address new advances in energy technology.

Advanced Control Corporation prides themselves on being leaders in green building automation and can help businesses by providing a comprehensive, turn-key service that not only assists in the design and management of the company’s energy conservation project but also provide support throughout the process while monitoring the plan to ensure that all is working to optimal effect. This is done by understanding the causes of energy waste and taking proactive steps to prevent further capital loss.

Allow Advanced Control Corporation to be your partner in applying proper design and expertise and show you how we can design an energy management system to fit your needs. Contact Advanced Control Corporation to receive a complimentary system evaluation and discuss your needs!