What is Utility Monitoring?

What is Utility MonitoringThe more businesses understand about their utility consumption through building automation, the easier it will be to manage it and create an overall healthier business.

Utility monitoring allows companies to manage their utilities intelligently, giving the business and the employees great benefits. Unfortunately utility consumption is often invisible and companies look at it as a fixed cost that they must pay. Utility monitoring systems are put into place to help reduce costs through building automation management making businesses more environmentally and financially sustainable. Advanced Control Corporation helps their clients operate their building automation within their budgets, identifying problem areas and helping them correct inefficiencies.

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How Utility Monitoring Can Help Your Business

Oftentimes certain utilities can be overlooked causing errors in a healthy operation. Advanced Control Corporation helps business gauge their building performance by creating solutions that increase performance and lower expenses. Advanced Control Corporation can help by providing your company with three tools; metering, sub-metering and dashboards that will help monitor the utility usage.


Through metering, Advanced Control Corporation helps businesses monitor and manage their power. In order to do this, ACC uses the best and latest energy management software to analyze and interpret data and provide information to business owners to help create a comprehensive plan to start saving money immediately.

Mismanaged energy consumption can be costly for any business, regardless of industry or size of the company. Advanced Control Corporation will help your business set up critical metering software that is adaptable over time to reflect changes in your business.


Advanced Control Corporation is also here to help businesses that manage multiple leased-out properties. By using sub-metering, ACC can help measure the individual energy consumption of each tenant and even provide the same service for different departments within the company.

Unlike traditional sub-metering products, Advanced Control Corporation provides a total sub-metering solution that is managed through your building automation system. Here are a few benefits of this system that can help you attract high-quality, long term tenants:

  • Offer lower leasing costs through improved conservation measures
  • Empower tenants by sharing energy information with them
  • Improve power system uptime with power quality and equipment monitoring
  • Provide environmental leadership with documented energy consumption reductions
  • Verify utility bills and eliminate errors


Dashboards are provided by Advanced control corporation to help with metering allowing clients to easily read what is going on in the business, giving easy access to power usage data in real time.

Dashboards and graphical interfaces allow companies to accurately measure and monitor the key data from your various systems. Being able to access the monitored data on your dashboard will allow staff to be proactive in devising new strategies for effective energy usage because these graphical interfaces can be accessed remotely to make it easy to monitor systems.

No matter the business, Advanced Control Corporation will work to eliminate waste by focusing on correcting target problem areas. ACC will also take the time to recommend energy saving strategies and help them get started in your business so that energy conservation can be learned by all and become a second nature to all applicable employees.

Advanced Control Corporation understands the importance of being able to have accurate, accessible information and can help you consolidate your building systems into one integrated automated system. To learn more about how Advanced Control Corporation can help your business, call 954.491.6660 today!